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How do you organise your promotion?

I am as usual slightly overwhelmed by my social media promotion! I try to balance my time with FB and Twitter but as I have 3 selling platforms I find it hard to get a balance.
Do you promote just one platform or do you spread your self across several?
Do you set time aside for social media or do you like me spend too long actually just browsing.
Any one got any tips on how to organise myself/!

I’m not a social media person at all, so it doesn’t come naturally. I have an admin time, usually first thing in the morning, when I check emails, orders, twitter and facebook. I may also check in at teatime and/or just before bed depending what else is going on in my life.

On Twitter I have a few of my favourites on “lists” so if I’m short on time (or enthusiasm) I just look at them. I have FB set to repeat my posts onto twitter because very few of my followers are on both. I’m really bad at taking photos of WIP, so I don’t post as often as I should, mostly shares and retweets of other people. The bulk of my promotional stuff I leave to Dottie at British Crafters because she’s so much better at it and more organised than I am.

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Do you need to promote all 3 selling platforms? Could you limit yourself to just promoting one selling platform on FB and twitter and see if that saves you time? I’ve found that my shop on the darkside sorts itself out and I don’t need to promote it to achieve sales (I have different stock for there and here). I’m not a twitter person but do facebook on a semi regular basis (although not in a ‘look what I’ve listed’ manner) and pinterest only when I have an hour or so spare (as that leads to alot of browsing to find interesting pins).

I’m still very much learning the ropes when it comes to social media. I’ve learnt quite a bit on #folksyhour which Folksy host Tues 8-9pm, and we discuss these kind of topics and get tips off of each other. You can find more out here Last week we discussed Instagram and as I hadn’t really understood Instagram it was really helpful.

FB Insights can help. I can see from my FB page that most of my page likers are on FB about 7pm, so that would be a good time for me to post. When I promote I tend to target women as 92% of my likers are women rather than men.

I’m also on Twitter but not very good with it apart from when on folksyhour.

At the moment I spend far more time online then I do making, and I should really be more strict with myself!

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The trouble is I have 1 platform that is great and the other 2 where I get few sales. So should I promote those OR just concentrate on the one that performs???

I’d personally concentrate on promoting the platform that performs Emma x

I promote on a few plateforms but I don’t promote on them all every day for 2 reasons One it’s far too time consuming and 3 I don’t want to bother people with post after post.

I tend to do one post a week on each social media platform, this morning for me it was google+ I spend time on, tomorrow I’m spend a few minutes on facebook etc etc.

Small bit size bits I find much easier to deal with.

I tend to do it all in the morning after I’ve checked my emails and shop stats.

I take your point Ali but if I give up promoting the other 2 then I fear it will mean zero sales on those sites. It feels more comfortable not to have all my eggs in one basket. If you are paying to list does it not make sense to promote?

If you are paying to use more than one site then yes you’ll need to promote all your different sites. Once you start to neglect one of your selling sites it will not get the views/sales you are looking for.

I only sell on one place online - here. The reason being that when I promote, I direct ALL my traffic to here. Otherwise I’m diluting that promotion across different sites. Others feel OK doing that, but this way I can concentrate on just one place.

However if I was to use a platform where I pay a lot of money so they have an advertising budget and advertise on the TV, then that’s another thing entirely. I guess it’s being able to judge what is right for your brand and your business (as well as your budget!).

I do understand what you are saying and I have no concrete answers. All I can say is, that in my experience I’ve found that it’s better to focus your marketing, instead of spreading yourself too thinly x

Why not for the next 3 months pick one selling platform a month and focus all of your promotion for that one platform and leave the other 2 to their own devices? You can then see how much of a difference promoting that platform makes to sales by comparing the results to the months when you didn’t promote it. You might find that the good platform performs well without any promotion so you can focus your efforts on the other 2.

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Hey Sasha that sounds like a really good idea. I may just do that! (Although a little nervous about not promoting my great platform - what if sales just dry up!!!)

If it is your promotion that is driving sales then you should see the sales moving from platform to platform depending on which one is ‘it’ for the month so sales might go down on one platform but up on another and you will achieve the same number of sales overall. I suspect for the good performing platform (a certain american site at a guess) you are getting a reasonable number of sales that have little to do with your promotion and they will happen regardless of whether you are promoting that one or not.