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How do you promote yourself?

(Heartmade Beejoux) #1

Hello everyone,

I do know that a lot of threads have been opened for this, and I am sure many more will. However, I feel like I am not getting anywhere with promotion and social media… I used to use Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest but since I started working full time it all kind of dropped and it seems impossible for me to revive it. Don’t get me wrong: I pay for adverts, I boost posts, I pin/post/tweet - not as often as I would like - but there must be trick I am missing.

I am finding it very difficult to bring foot fall to my shop. I am now running a sale campaign, hoping this will help a bit. I also find it almost impossible to be seen in any of the gift guides.

I would really appreciate it if you’d have some feedback for me on my shop appearance, images etc.

What is your trick on social media and how do you promote yourself?


(Christine Shephard) #2

It’s really hard to get footfall on here, but don’t give up. Your photos are perfect and I don’t understand why you’re not getting picked up for gift guides. Have you added links to forum posts for some of the gift guides? That might help get you noticed. I’ve not come across your shop before, and I’m on here a lot, so try being more active on the forums.
With regard to social media, I think it’s better to choose one and really focus on that for a while. I prefer facebook to twitter, but I think you have to persevere with them.
I’ve favourited a few of your items - I think your shop is lovely :slightly_smiling:

(Amberlilly) #3

I had some promoting last month, but it seems impossible to get visits here! I have no solution.

(Eileens Craft Studio) #4

I’ve never paid to promote it’s just not worth it.

Facebook will never show your posts to all your followers just a tiny percent of your followers and if your followers are not your target market then it’s a total waste of your time.

Thing is in order to get your items further up in a google search you need lots and lots of link in lots of different places. These links take time.

You need to spread your promoting.

You don’t really have to spend ages doing it either. Spend 5 minutes a day is enough rather than not doing anything then try and cram it all into one day. A constant trickle rather than large periods of nothing followed by a flood.

Join in with the promoting threads in the Showcase part of the forum. Were we promote each other. That way you’ll reach more potential customers than you’d reach on your own.

Try Craftjuice
Use word of mouth your business cards/flyers.
There’s google+, instagram, wanalo, tumblr even each different platform will mean your reach is just the bit wider

But it takes time to slowly grow your social media presence.

I hope some of this helps.

(Samantha Stanley) #5

I agree with @EileensCraftStudio. Although I have an FB page I’m really using it as a sort of blog. It is very hard to get all of you followers to see a post without paying for it, and the more followers you have (fortunately I don’t have many!) the more they insist on you paying.

I’m thinking of trying Google+. The reason is that a professional photographer whose blog I follow said that the advantage of Google+ is it gets your items shown higher up in Google searches and I think that is really the holy grail for all of us here. The traffic we all really want are people who actually want to buy something and have seen a link and thought it was interesting. I think I have far too many views from people who are just browsing and then pass on.

Love Sam x

(Angela Snape) #7

All good advice here (as usual!). Yes, promoting - as well as doing everything else - can be difficult. I tend to just do what I can, when I can and hope for the best! The problem is that when I’m on FB, twitter - and especially Instagram, which I love - I get so wrapped up in all the lovely photos and handmade things by other people that I forget what I’m supposed to be doing! :laughing:

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