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How does my new shop look

(Knittycosy ) #1

Hello everyone, Can i have some feed back on my shop
It’s my first shop
Thanks in advance

(Margaret Jackson) #2

hi, is this your shop? It helps to put the link so people can go straight to it without having to search.

To be honest you only have two items, so it’s difficult to comment much. You need to improve your photography, especially for the egg cosy, it looks a bit blurred. Also you can have up to five photos for each item so it’s a good idea to take more pictures. It worries me that you comment you knitted it from a friend’s magazine. What’s the copyright situation with that? You have to be very careful using patterns from magazines, and it’s better to invent your own. You’re at the beginning of your learning curve though, and Folksy is a great place to get advice!

(Nifty) #3

I notice you say the egg cosy is a custom made item and cannot be returned. if it’s already made, then it is not custom made. Custom made is if you make something for a particular person, to their requirements.

I think you’ve misunderstood how the shipping profiles work. You’ve put £2.50 for first item, £2.65 for second item. That means if someone buys two, they’ll pay £2.50 + £2.65

International standard shipping to Europe, in any case, is £3.20 up to 100g.

(Joy Salt) #4

Sorry to repeat things about spelling but… you are spelling your product as “cosey” and the normal spelling is always “cosy” without the “E”. It may well be that you are using the “cosey” to make it stand out - but - you will be invisible on any search, Folksy included, for any sort of cosy as it will not pick up yours as they are spelt differently.

Joy xx

(Hopscotchlane) #5

Hi I opened my Folksy shop a few weeks ago and as yet haven’t had any sales (I know it is early days) I would welcome any comments, tips, advice anyone has that would help. Thanks

(Eileens Craft Studio) #6

Karen great items from another knitter and crocheter.

I would suggest taking more photo’s as you only appear to have one or two per item.

Try not only taking a close up but one of the reserve side.

I would also suggest not using abbrevations in your descriptions such as T instead of Tea. Potential customers will use Teapot Cosy or Cosy to find a teapot cosy.

Also try using punctuation in your descriptions ie full stops and Capital letters as it looks a bit unprofessional otherwise.

Oh I wouldn’t use the term Shabby Chic style to describe your lamp shade as the term Shabby Chic has been Trademarked by the lady who invented the phrase.

Don’t forget to keep promoting your shop and items, There’s facebook, stumble upon, craftjuice, twitter, google+ and pinterst

All the best

(Hopscotchlane) #7

Hi Eileen thanks for responding to my post. Your comments were great and very helpful. I didn’t know that I couldn’t use the term Shabby Chic (oops) I have a facebook page from which I have achieved quite a few sales (encouragement from these and a big push from my sister being the reason I opened the Folksy shop). Going to my shop to make the necessary adjustments now and will definately improve the photos! Thanks again