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How has your craft changed?

(Kam) #1

So I have noticed that over the short while I have been been crafting that it has evolved and changed since I first started…which has been great because it means that I can explore what works and what I can or cannot do! I first started off drawing my daughters hands and feet (per the business name), but now I find myself doing more design/illustration work…
I expect it will keep changing and evolving over time to fit into what current trends are etc…how has your craft changed? (if it has!)

(Roz) #2

Enormously! I started out making fabric covered photo albums, moved on to decoupatch, printed pebbles, painted plaques and trinket boxes and various other bits and pieces. I was constantly trying new crafts and then moving on. That was before I discovered felting and I became hooked! Felt work is now the only crafting I do - everything I make incorporates some form of felting in it. I love all styles of felting, wet felt, needle felt, nuno felt and really enjoy trying to come up with new ideas - can’t see me moving on from felting for a while but I expect the things I make will change.

(Leathermeister) #3

I think you have to constantly evolve and develop new products, new techniques, new mediums. There is so much out there to learn develop build on if we didn’t we would die. Sometimes things are put on the back burner but can be brought back later. Unless something was a complete failure it can come with you as we develop and learn new skills we can enhance on work and update. There is no room for complacency we can not stand still.
We suffer a lot with being copied from China, India, and even had a big American firm copy us, we have found the best way to deal with it is to innovate just when your competitor thinks they have caught you up produce something stunning.

(Liz Clark) #4

Mine’s changed quite a bit! First started out making kids bracelets as a charity fundraiser, then went into dolls and teddies (as a homage to my sister), then from that fancied a new challenge and started to make birds after reading “The Artful Bird” by Abigail Glassenberg. This really inspired me to go down more of an art route and that’s when I started selling on Folksy.

(Grimm Exhibition) #5

I started with rubber stamps for greeting cards, them tried other things. I started to sell my jewellery on here but now that’s winding , please see my poisoned apple jewellery shop for reduced items.
I now have rounded things down to soldering and sewing. I plan to solder necklace pendants and thatl be my only jewellery items, but at the moment im obsessed with making Xmas cards, Il be soldering more goodies like Xmas decs and dioramas, and id like to design my own fabric and make things with it. I only sell my cushions at the mo but hope to try other things.