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How heavy is too heavy for earrings?

Hi All,
I’ve fallen in love with a pair of matched cabochons in ruby/ zoisite (they’ve been done book leaf fashion so the patterns mirror each other) but they are heavy (7.5g approx each) and I’m worried that they would just prove too heavy for someone to want to wear them as earrings and it seems a shame to separate them (I haven’t bought them yet). So does any one have any feeling about what sort of weight is the maximum people would wear for earrings? I was thinking a stud top and they would be more evening wear than day wear so the wearer would only have them in for a couple of hours but their tear drop shape is going to put all the weight at the bottom so they would be very swingy if you get what I mean.
So thoughts please and if anyone is prepared to weigh their heaviest earrings (and has suitable scales) I’d love to know the data.
Thank you

I can’t even help you out here Sasha @SashaGarrett, I generally always wear hoops but their not so heavy. On a brighter note, the cabochons sound lovely, well, I know they will be because you have good taste!! Looking forward to seeing them. x

I can’t really help out either except to say my daughter loves big bold earrings which are usually heavy and wears them out of an evening, not sure if that helps! :slight_smile:

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I have just weighed one of the heaviest I make , they are considered pretty heavy at 5.8gm.

it may be possible to put them on a larger earwire to spread the weight a bit - people who often wear heavy earrings can usually take a bigger wire.

Just weighed one of my heaviest earrings, 5.2gm and I have only worn those for an evening. I think 7.5 g would be too heavy for me to wear all day, but evening, maybe.
Tina :slight_smile:

Thank you for the feed back ladies you are confirming what I suspected - I shall scrap that plan and find something else to fall in love with (there is some crazy lace agate pairs I’ve got my eye on, much lighter just as beautiful).
@DeborahJonesJewellery and @DaisyWings - thank you for taking the time to weigh your earrings, very good of you and most appreciated.

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