Folksy Ltd

New here, hints & tips welcome 😊

(All Things Kernewek) #1

Hi everyone, this is all new to me! I have just opened up my shop and only have 6 listings so far. Any hints and tips on making sales would be greatly appreciated! Thanks

(Karen Ellam) #2

Hi and Welcome to Folksy Justine :grinning:

Your shops looking good.

I’ve found that promoting yourself in a mixture of places is soooo very important.
I try to keep at least 2 pages full of stock for people to browse.
Take the bestest pictures you can achieve, as these are the magic images that will sell your wonderful creations.

All the best with your shop

Karen :koala:

(Margaret Jackson) #3

Welcome Justine, you have some lovely colourful things listed already. Good luck!

(All Things Kernewek) #4

Thanks for your replies. I will try to keep well stocked and promote my shop :blush: