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How many listings make a difference?

I have always hovered around the 30 to 40 amount of cards in my shop and have often heard the more items you have the better your sales will be. Has anyone got any experience of this? My views feel low at the moment and wondered if getting more product out there is key. My time (as everyone’s) is limited though and i try to balance the new product / marketing ratio but do I just need more choice in my shop?

My feeling as that a page or two of items is about right. Too many items and people get fed up looking through them, but at least a page, shows a selection and everyone likes a choice. Just my opinion and I tend to average about 80 items. Not getting a large number of views though.

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You know, I am not sure. Its said the more you have, the more chance you have at getting found in a search. Yet, I have over 100 items in my shop and I don’t get many views a day, maybe 8 or 9? Obviously if you have your catergories showing, it will help with the search within the shop, so buyer would not get fed up with looking, but, no catergories, then yes, I think they would get bored with looking. I don’t get loads of sales either, so, don’t really have an answer. I wouldn’t list this many if I never had the plus account, too costly here.

It doesn’t matter if you have large numbers of items if you use the Collections feature :smile:

I look on my shop as a department store, and each collection is one of the departments. Some people like to take their time and browse the whole store, others simply like to go to the collection they are interested in :smile:

No-one’s ever complained about me having too many items, unless it’s to say I’ve made them spend too much money because of the amount of choice LOL


I’ve 139 listings and generally get around 75 views. As Sara @DandelionsGallery says, if you use the collections, people don’t have to trawl all through your shop.

@Knittingtopia do you get 75 views a day or each week? Would love to get any tips from you with how to boost shop views if you are getting 75 a day!


That’s a day. The most I’ve ever seen is 149 though I don’t look everyday. If I don’t promote it drops to around 20.

You seem to be doing something right, then! How do you promote your shop?

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Personally, I agree with Sara @DandelionsGallery that as long as the listings are in collections a shop is easy to navigate. I am aiming for one page of listings, if I am right that is about 60, I think. Enough for what I do, but with other crafts it may be different. There has to be variety, and something I am working on, a price range too, there are many different sized wallets out there, and some people can only afford a small item, but nevertheless want to buy into the lifestyle / idea you are selling.
@Knittingtopia, WOW
Suzzie x

Facebook, twitter, Instagram, pinterest and occasionally craft juice. Takes about 30 minutes a day.

Had a bumper day yesterday and three sales thanks to Facebook


That’s amazing :slight_smile: Most days I’m only get 3 or 4 views :frowning:

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I don’t think there’s a magic number. But as a shopper if I like something then it’s always nice to be able to go to the shop and see it full of other lovely things. I mean, it wouldn’t put me off buying the thing that I saw originally if I really liked it, even if it was the only thing in the shop. But a range of stuff is always fun to have a nosey at. :smile:

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I don’t think there is any logic to it at all. I try to promote every day like Knittingtopia and I get less than 10 views per week. I hardly do any promotion on Etsy but get more views on there, even though I now only have 1 item in my shop .

Yes, there’s nothing quite like having a good old mooch through a shop that’s jam-packed with lovely items. Unfortunately, I’m often doing that when I’m supposed to be making!! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: