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How much stock should I have of each item?

Hi everyone,
I’ve had a shop for a little while now but never actually listed anything, always seem to find excuses about why I’m not ready to do it yet!

Anyway now I’m very nearly ready to list my greetings cards and my plan was to do it this weekend. However, I was hoping to have 10 in stock of each design but when I checked I only had 3 or 4 copies of some of the designs.
Do you think I should just list them anyway or wait until I’ve made some more?


Hi Fran,

I’d list what you’ve actually got. It’s easy enough to top up the amounts on the listings later on when you have some more, but in the meantime you probably wouldn’t want the stress of selling something you don’t have made.

Good luck.


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Hi Fran, I would list exactly what you have to get your shop up and running, as Jo said, you can top up at a later date! Open your shop and get promoting :slight_smile:Good Luck x

I usually have one of everything :grinning: I like the look of your artwork from your shop banner. I should get listing if I were you!

Hi Fran

If you haven’t got a Folksy Plus account you will be charged 15p plus vat for every one item you list, so if you list 10 of a card you will be charged £1.50 plus vat.

All my cards only have 1 in stock so I’d say go for it, like the others have said you can add more as you get it. Good Luck xx

Thanks everyone! Maybe what I really needed was a kick up the backside which you have provided brilliantly :smiley:
So would you suggest just having 1 in stock of each item and then restocking as soon as someone buys something?
It didn’t occur to me to do that but it makes much more sense to see if anything sells before shelling out for listings of stuff no one wants!

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If you don’t plan to have a Plus account and you’re going to be paying per listing then yes, it’d probably be better to list one of each item and then add another when the first one is sold.

Yes, definitely start listing what you have, you can’t sell what you don’t list. You can start with one of each item and build up stock on popular items. Best wishes with your new venture :slight_smile:

Thanks for the advice and encouragement everyone! You gave me the final push needed and I listed my cards at the weekend. I even made a sale! Although it turned out it was to a friend of mine :slight_smile: so not sure if it counts. Still pretty pleased though. Anyway, just wanted to say thank you!


Every sale counts :smile:

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