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How often is too often

(Caroline Perry) #1

Hey folks,
Hope you’ve all had a crafty day.
I was informed by a facebook group I’ve joined that you should try and repost your products and business on there atleast 6-8 times a day. Now I don’t know if that’s too much. I can see where they’re coming from I have my personal account and my business account and there are times when I don’t see post that I’ve sent on the other.
What do you all do? I’ve recently just started using Twitter now too but again don’t want to put people of and deter them from my sites.

(Margaret Jackson) #2

Personally I think that’s too much and would probably unfollow a page that’s as active as that with pushing their business. For people who follow a lot of pages there would be too much to read! There’s a fine line between posting things that followers will find interesting and spam…

(Karen Ellam) #3

Hi Caroline

I agree with Margaret.
Its a tough cookie cracking this promotion thing that’s for sure, but over promoting I think can be seen as spam, and unfortunately that could have a really negative effect down the line.
I’m on Twitter, Pinterest, CraftJuice and Instagram. I tend to only promote an item once through these social sites as I don’t want to be seen as a spammer, but yes its easy to be overlooked if an item only gets one little push. (Sighs)
I’m still a novice at all of this really, and finding the balance is going to be quite tricky.
I tend to try and make my promotional messages chirpy and upbeat to hopefully hold peoples interest in what I’m selling.
Selling isn’t easy… Its the hardest thing I think I’ve ever tried to do, but I’m really enjoying trying :grinning:

All the best with your shop.

Karen :cherry_blossom:

(Heidi Meier) #4

I definitely agree with both Margaret and Karen.

I think some pages can get away with many posts eg British Crafters, but thats because the people who follow them have a genuine interest in that page and there are a lot of different things showcased on it.

With the best will in the world, a page devoted to a single business posting 8 things I think would become very boring very quickly (I struggle to find 8 interesting things to say each week, never mind each day!!) I recently liked the Pony club page but even horse mad me is considering unliking it because they post about 5 times a day…

It’s also very time consuming, and from personal experience I think one good interesting post per day is plenty to keep me occupied! If you look at my facebook page, you’ll see I am lucky if I have 3 posts per week!!

Good luck with the shop!

(Helen Dale) #5

Personally I don’t think it’s down to how many times you post, but what you post. I remember reading somewhere you weren’t supposed to post anything more than twice a day. I tried that for a while. But then my posts became a bit more erratic. Some days I just don’t have anything to post, but I try and find one thing - even if it’s a share of a link/another page. Some evening I may post 4 or 5 times if I’ve made lots of things or nice things from elsewhere. I try and mix my posts with pictures of my makes and some general life pics. I only occasionally push my posts as links to my shop or items to sell. If I have a day off from the day job, I do try and post a bit more throughout the day - otherwise all my posts tend to be between 5-8pm.

(Donna) #6

I think 8 times a day is far too after. I stopped using FB a couple of years ago partly because if all the advertising post showing up in my news feed. I only post once a day but on lots of different sites, such as here, craft juice, Pinterest and craftori. That way my soap is seen by loads of different people.

Donna x

(Stephanie Guy) #7

I’m in agreement with everyone else, if I see posts more than twice a day from one business page I will unfollow. It’s more important to get a conversation going on your posts and to make them meaningful or funny, and therefore worth following.

(Astrid Huxham ) #8

i think shoving ones busdsiness onto people is a problem. I have decided to close my shop even only open for a week or so because i do better at craft fairs. Thumbs up for those. Selling online doesnt work. I even tried Etsy but after 6 months i only had one sale…so…but i would like to stay on here to just buy and enjoy the forums…Pushing people online into buying things isnt cool. Astrid.

(Margaret Jackson) #9

Astrid, it does depend though. Selling online does work for a lot of people, but only those who’ve found a way to promote successfully. There are customers out there (like me!) who are on the look out to buy pretty things online. I like looking at what my favourite sellers are doing on FB, what projects they’re working on and a bit of chat too. What is offputting is if it’s just sales talk and too much of it. I’ve often bought things directly from Facebook because someone has posted what they’ve just made, or painted, and I’ve wanted it. It’s the balance that has to be right.

(Eileens Craft Studio) #10

It’s important to remember Facebook will see you as a spammer and send you stop messages and stop you from posting if you keep reposting the same post over and over.

So no I would never advise you post the same post 6-8 times a day. It’s bad enough now that facebook is constantly putting adverts into the feed so it’s gets harder and harder to see real posts from real people. It’s driving people nuts and driving people off facebook.

(Astrid Huxham ) #11

That is a good point. Have a look at my face book page under Astrid Faye i advertize my art there but at fairs you can do the same have a good chat and a cup of cofee or tea for real. Though…they are expensive petrol and all. boo…hope you have a good day fromAstrid.

(Caroline Perry) #12

Wow thank you to everyone’s responses it’s nice to hear from a range of people and I take on board what you’ve all said. I now only advertise once a day at different times so it’s varied who sees me. I also only do it on selling groups like Freebay in Norfolk or craft sellers pages so it’s always a mixture. At the moment I want to try EVerything I can to get some publicity and hopefully some sales. But thank you everyone, gonna have a good think of what my next discussion is going to be :0)

(Brenda Cumming) #13

If I join any groups, I make it quite clear that I only DO facebook and I can’t promote any more than that. I would rather spend my time painting, than all day promoting. If they then think I am not right for the group, then I don’t join.

(Helen Dale) #14

I think it depends on what you’re selling Astrid, and how we all feel we can best use and value our time. Craft fairs never worked for me - too many soul destroying days standing around trying to look engaging without a single sale. Even a couple of big items wouldn’t justify a day of my time. Facebook works much better for me. I think different models work for different folks, different markets. People who sell on Facebook and have a business page are there to market themselves - how it’s done and how engaged customers feel is the difference between a successful Facebook page and one where people don’t bother to follow or unlike. Good Marketing is about building a relationship with a customer - you can do that on Facebook, or over a cup of tea at a craft fair. Just takes different techniques in communication.

(Caroline Perry) #15

Helen,I always enjoy craft fairs jyst to talk to people.I seem to find out about other events & tips when talking to people but if you don’t gave the money sometimes it’s difficult to do.
I’ve been posting alot on twitter this week & already got 5 new followers so might watch that one carefully and see what happens

(Flambeaux Jewellery) #16

Hi there, I am new to the Folksy forum and love this so wanted to join in. All social media can be a minefield and like other people have mentioned, it is about getting the right balance. I believe the secret is in quality not quantity and I also feel these amount of posts would be too much. It would be better to spread out and try and recycle the posts onto other social media platforms, so you are getting one message across in a day but rewording it for Twitter, Facebook etc. Also what would be good is to try and assess your reach on facebook and then make your posts according to the times that show the highest reach. A lot of it is trial and error and I am constantly learning!

(Astrid Huxham ) #17

yes but ive really tried the internet and its really no go for me…see my face book page astrid faye ive got lots of contacts. Internets ok for some. Have a good weekend.

(Karen Ellam) #18

Hi and welcome to Folksy Razale :grinning:
Your jewellery is beautiful :slight_smile:

Karen :cherry_blossom:

(Flambeaux Jewellery) #19

Ooh, thank you Karen. I enjoyed joining in and look forward to being part of the Folksy community. Just need to drag myself away from the workshop!!

(Eileens Craft Studio) #20

With promoting via social media it’s a case of not having all your eggs in one basket so to speak.

Therefore never rely on using one form of social media.

If you are using a variety of different places on the internet to promote you’ll reach more people then if you only used one place to promote.

Those I don’t reach on facebook I might reach say on Twitter, or stumble upon, or pinterst, or Wanelo , or Craftjuice or google+

You don’t have to post every day on all of them. I find spreading my posts about on different things is so less hardwork.