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Newbie with lots of questions :)

(Heavenlyfountainslittleextras) #1

Hi all, I’m literally less than a week old on this site. I laser cut all sorts from wedding invitations, drop top boxes, hangers,picture frames etc. So far I only have around 10 items listed.
I’ve gone from having 15 views to 1 also :confused:
I currently do good for me with sales on another site but want to increase.
I’ve been reading the forums and there seems to be a lot of negative views with regards to sales. So I’m wondering if there’s anyone selling in the wedding sort of area that has positive experiences???
Also any recommendations for how you promote your shop???

(Sasha Garrett) #2

Please bear in mind that only a small fraction of those who sell on folksy are active in the forum - indeed those who are busy with lots of sales probably have less time available to spend here so don’t be put off by the comments about sales being slow. However… it takes time and promotion to build up a following so you might find it slow at first and it can be seasonal. With regards to promotion facebook/ twitter/pinterest are all worth a shot - I’ve achieved sales and picked up commissions from facebook posts. I do craft markets and make sure that I have lots of business cards for people to pick up and put one in with every item sold so that people can make future purchases on line. I’m sure others will have their own suggestions of ways to promote.
Hopefully that is helpful, I now have to crack on with packing up the online sales from weekend and get them to the post office.

(Sara Leigh Thornton) #3

Totally agree with Sasha - there are many of us with plenty of sales :smile:

Bear in mind when using places like FB etc that if all your posts link to one selling site, that will be the one that gets the views. Some people complain that they get very few views on here, but do all their advertising directing people to their other shops.

I only use Facebook myself - don’t have instagram, and rarely use Twitter, don’t do Pinterest of Craftjuice. But I know my target audience for promoting on FB, and have slowly built up a good following on my page (I NEVER swap page likes, it’s pointless - I only follow pages that I genuinely like, and see no point in having people follow my page unless they are genuinely interested in what I create).

Keep listing, it’s good to be adding fresh stock on a regular basis, and will keep people who like your shop coming back to see what is new :slight_smile:

Good luck.

I’m also having to crack on with packing a big pile of parcels from my Folksy sales to take to the Post Office today :slight_smile:

(Annie) #4

Again, totally agree with the above, particularly @DandelionsGallery about likes and follows on FB.

It does take time to build up for most I think. I don’t generally use Pinterest - just don’t get it! But that’s my stoopidity;) haven’t tweeted for ages (something to get back into in the new year when I’m not so busy), but I do like Instagram which I think is idiot proof (cos I can use it!) and again, the same rule applies for me there with follows and likes.

I remember someone on this or another forum few years back (I’m a very recent returnee) when discussing forms of marketing and advertising that they would leave their business cards in places like their seat on the bus, in books in the library or on their tables and always have them where ever they go so that when they’re talking to an old friend or new acquaintance about what they do they can hand them one. Obviously I wear what I make and that often gets commented on (and follow with a card as you know their actually interested).

I’ve definitely waffled enough so I’ll leave it to others now, but hang in there, your creations look lovely :slight_smile: x

(GrainneCC) #5

Hello Heavenlyfountainslittleextras, I,m a newbie too and finding it a steep learning curve so no great advice to give yet. I’m reading the forums as there seems to be many helpers there with plenty to give. Good luck with your shop!

(Karen Ellam) #6


Welcome to Folksy.

It takes a very long time to build up an online presence, so it’s good to be patient.
I think I’m on my third year here now, and yes things can be a little slow, but that’s because I have other work commitments so I can’t give my 100%.
Some people here have got the balance just right and are doing very well.
It’s nice to see returning customers, I’m noticing an increase which is lovely and makes me very happy.

After Christmas I’m hoping to focus a lot more on social media and I’m thinking of paying for abit of Facebook promotion.

All the best with your shop

Karen :blush: