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How soon is too soon ...... Christmas Shopping!

How soon is too soon ?

Yes Christmas shopping !!!

I used to do all my shopping before November but last year I left it right til the last minute - I like to be organised but it was also fun doing it all ad lib too.

Do you do yours early ?

Anyway my point is I sold my first Christmas gift yesterday, not here but via Facebook. It was a miniature triptych poppy painting which a lady is buying for her “grown up” daughters dolls house.

I don’t paint specially for Christmas but Art makes a great gift, and suits lots of people … from feedback I get I know a fair few pieces of Art In Wax have been given as presents, Christmas, birthday, wedding etc.

I do think people like original gifts don’t you ?

This item in my shop would make a lovely Christmas gift …

Why not post one of your items that would make a nice present too …


Forgot the link to my Azalea flower pot painting.

Personally I have already started buying Xmas presents but that’s because I have 8 nephew’s and niece’s.
They don’t really change what they like that much so if I see something they like on offer I buy it.

Haven’t wrapped anything yet though.


Present shopping I usually start about November, we have a family ‘Christmas club’ with my Mum and Sisters were we all pay £10 a week into a bank savings account held by my Mum and we can only draw money out once a year the interest goes on at the end of October so we draw it out at the beginning of November then I can start spending :slight_smile: If I see something before then that I know someone will love I sometimes buy it on my credit card but try not to do that too much.

My family is small, and we mostly only buy presents for our own children and partners. My parents don’t buy each other presents, and they give money to their children and grandchildren. So I won’t be Christmas shopping for a while yet!


I also have a small family, so not too many presents to buy, but will definitely be looking on Folksy for gifts :smile:


I don’t start serious Christmas shopping until November/December, having said that, if I saw something now that I thought was ‘ideal’ then I wouldn’t delay in making the purchase.

Huuh,I’ve got quite a big family and usually did my Christmas shopping to last minute, which I won’t be doing this year because it was a lot of stress and some people were fully booked by then. I will start shopping in October I think. I slowly add my christmassy items to my shop as well because I am closing my on the 22nd of November (for a 6 weeks holiday). And believe it or not, I have already sold 5 of my Christmas novelty earrings already this week:)) So will add more bits and pieces here as well.

I’ve already sold a set of cross stitch Christmas tags and that was in June.

Personally I’ve started my Christmas preparation ie the book is out and notes are being written down. I’ve already bought a Christmas Dinner plate off ebay that I want to eat my Christmas dinner off :slight_smile: I’m on the look out for Christmas crockery and cutlery bit late for this year really but by next year I should be all set. Don’t know why I’ve never thought about it before.

I always used to start on the 1st of September writing my lists I’ve been a wee bit lax the last couple of years and present buying has been a bit of a rush when family members have not sent their Christmas Wish Lists out to me in time.

I prefer to start early and be very well organized so I can relax and really enjoy Christmas as it’s a busy time of the Christian Calendar for me.

I’m already making more Christmas things to put into my shop and getting supplies all sort for the list of things I have planned to create.

I like your Christmas dinner plate idea
may have to look for one.
I love Christmas this year we are having two cos my mum is over from Spain in November goes home three weeks before Xmas.
So we are going to hand over gifts ect then. It will be nice not seen my mum in over three years.

I have lots of Xmas bits to list including afew wine glass charm sets.
Loads of tree decorations.
And jewellery too.
Love it

We already have Xmas gifts for our son, so possibly end of August is not too soon :slight_smile:
Something from my shop what could be good gift? Hmmm … I think this necklace - for New Years Eve party :slight_smile:

It’s never to early to buy Christmas pressies, if I see something that I know someone would like then I get it.
I did some wonderful swops here on Folksy on the run up to Christmas last year that made great gifts and all were much loved and admired by their recipients. Hopefully will do the same again this year.
These mitts might make good pressies, I also have them in other colours.

I was in a shop today and a lady came in and noticed they had XMas cards on display, I heard her mumble under her breath something like " Crikey, Xmas cards already, how ridiculous". She then stood and looked through them for a couple of minutes.

I have to admit that Im surprised shops have them in stock now but I have listed a couple of Xmas items already and Ive been working on Xmas things since January.

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I’ve started shopping for my boys but I have three under 10s to buy for so it’s a budgeting thing as much as anything else! I get the impression views are rising here and ‘elsewhere’ which I think might be people starting to browse for ideas. Let’s hope so!

I already have Christmas presents stashed away, bought early this year!

When I was little most of my family lived within a few miles of each other, so Christmas presents were delivered by hand on Christmas Eve. The last Saturday before Christmas was the day you bought and wrapped all your presents and put up the Christmas tree.

Now we are scattered far apart in several countries, so presents have to be bought and posted many weeks in advance. Now my shopping is done in bits and pieces with budgets and a timetable, and doesn’t have anywhere near the joy and excitement of that “last Saturday” dash.

I don’t think its ever too soon for Christmas shopping and christmas crafting for that matter. Ive started doing a lot of mne in the past month. My favourite has to be the christmas scarved me and my mum make. Theyre so cute and warm and we’ve given loads as gifts. This year were trying to fund a holiday and are looking to sell our creations. Take a look: :smiley: