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How to change your name on Folksy forums

(pamcodner) #1

Hi everyone,

Just a quick question, I have recently changed my shop name but when I post in the forum it still says my old shop name (Indigo Jewellery Box) instead of my new name (Indigo Child). How do I change my shop name in the forum?

(TandMArtsandCrafts) #2

It sounds like you have the same problem I had when I changed my name. It only “changes the name” your URL address and you account name stays the same.
Apparently the only way you can change it is if you close your shop and start again! That’s what I had to do last year when I changed from Tamariska Jewellery to T&M Arts and Crafts, unfortunately it meant I lost all my sales history and had to start again, which included re-listing everything!!!
Folksy were very helpful tho arranging the payment side of things as I was half way through the year with a pro shop, so they just transferred it over.
They also suggested I didn’t close the old shop until I had copied and pasted over the listings to make it a bit quicker, but I did have to put in all the other information, tags, prices etc and my photos.
I am still listing now…

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(Roz) #3

Things have changed now - when you change your shop name you get a new URL and account name. If it is still showing your old name in the forums try logging out of the forum and back in with your new name.

Edit: I changed my shop name last september and had no problems

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(pamcodner) #4

Thank you very much, all sorted now

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(TandMArtsandCrafts) #5

Ha! They must of just changed that after I changed my shops. Just my luck!!!

(Roz) #6

Before I changed my shop name I thought I would have to create a new shop (which I did) and started copying all the listings but then they told me they could just change the name and URL so it was really quick and easy in the end :slightly_smiling: