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How to create crosstitch patterns from photos ? HELP!

(Witty Dawn) #1

Hi all , a plea for advice on behalf of my MUM.

She wants to create a crossstitch pattern from a photo and needs an ‘old school’ / non PC/IT method of doing so.

She described to me a product she saw advertised in an oldish magazine which refered to something called EasiGrid by a company called Artisan.

Can anyone help me find what she needs ?
Many thanks!

(Roz) #2

Not sure of a specific way to do it that doesn’t involve a computer but if the picture isn’t too complicated you could use a transfer pen to trace round the image and then transfer it to the cross stitch fabric. You would need to get a mirror image photocopy of the photo first though.

(Eileens Craft Studio) #3

I know there is a grid system you can buy that you place over your image but I don’t think it’s that great a system. It depends on the quality of the photo the size and the size of holes of the grid.

(Witty Dawn) #4

I think she is looking for something she can do for herself but I suspect I make have to go the techie route to get what definition she is looking for - anyone know anything ref the grid system Eileen has mentioned so I can check it out ?
Ta for the replies :wink:

(Ronald Koorm) #5

The only way that you might do this that I know of is to use a PC to scan in the photo or pattern and then print it onto a special type of transfer sheet which is sold by specialist art and graphic shops. Use the transferred pattern onto a material, as a template, perhaps.

[ I’m looking for a way of transferring some of my abstract art images onto sheets for backlighting, but the professional systems I have found which are really good are very expensive, and too costly for me.]

“Easygrid” I haven’t heard of, but found out it is just grid-marked acetate sheets, which I see are sold on a competitor’s website ! You can buy similar grid sheets from specialist art shops, probably cheaper.

(Eileens Craft Studio) #6

Yes that’s it ‘Easygrid’

(Witty Dawn) #7

Thanks for your help - I’ve found some acetate grid sheets on Ebay so she is going to try that :smile:

(Roz) #8

Ronald @Rkaimages, how big do you need your sheets to be? and what are they made of. You can transfer images using acrylic medium or if the fabric you are wanting to put the images on is not too thick/big you can back it with freezer paper and run it through an inkjet printer.

(Witty Dawn) #9

Oh I’ve heard that b4 ref transfering images, thanks might have to try that out!

What she is trying to do in design a cross stitch pattern from a photo so she need wants to plot out her design on a grid rather than needing to print an image onto the fabric she will be embroidering. She is very good at designing from images and has done quite a lot of blackwork. This is one she did for herself

The tricky bit is working from a photo and blocking in the colours I think :slight_smile:

(Ronald Koorm) #10

I have up to A2 size prints of my abstracts, but are created from either TIFF or jpeg image files, and some also from colour transparencies. Looking mainly for A3 or A3+ size to be backlit.

I really am interested in a photographic backlit process more than general acetate sheets, eg the Fuji pro system at a cheaper price.

However I have noted that Fujifilm do a range of cheaper, specialist clear sheets which can be used in high quality photo printers ( I have a 9-colour printer with a set of inks costing £400 a go ! ) , as well as the professional printing system that is very costly.
Thanks for your input,