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How to get chewing gum out of a denim skirt

(Tracy Stevenson) #1

Yesterday I managed to sit on some chewing gum that my son must of dropped on to a chair. I have taken off as I much as I can. Is it best to put it straight in the washing machine or will that not alone get the gum out?
Any suggestions greatly received.
Tracy x

(Helen Smith) #2

I think putting it in the freezer might be your best bet, then picking as much off as you can once its gone brittle. For the last little bit Lakeland used to do a thing called sticky stuff remover that works quite well.

(Lizzie Gillum, Bedfordshire, Uk ) #3

What Helen @ffflowers said! Plus, peanut butter can be useful for removing gum. If there’s any still stuck after you have frozen it and picked off the gum, you can try working a bit into the remainder and gently rinsing with mild soap & warm water. The oils in the peanut butter help to break down the “gumminess”. Of course, you need to make sure you can rinse out the peanut butter too! :wink:

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(Diane Mc Kechnie) #4

I think the freezer or icecubes will do the trick. thats what I did when gum got in my daughters hair.she used to get really bad earache and used to find gum with xylotol and the chewing action helped. and one night when she was up with earache I was in bed with her trying to comfort her and to try and distract her we were doing disgusting things with the gum that we were both chewing! We were stretching it and wrapping it round our fingers etc. Un fortunately Karen lost hers and we couldnt find it… Next morning she woke up and it had been in her hair and what a mess!.
I couldnt fit her in the freezer so I used icecubes and then picked it out!

(Tracy Stevenson) #5

Thanks everyone for your hints and tips. I have put it in the freezer and have picked off as much as I could. I have now put it in the washing machine, I’m hoping this will do the trick. Fingers crossed for the washer to finish lol x

(Minerva) #6

Useful tips! Good to know as this can be such a pain.
TJS…let us know how that worked out…

(Tracy Stevenson) #7

It came out! Yes, new skirt saved :slight_smile: