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How to un-stick well-stuck E6000 HELP

I have a lot of trouble with E6000. Bought several batches of false stuff which doesn’t stick. Am currently using some lovely genuine stuff.
I made as a trial some fused glass stud earrings and stuck them to little sterling silver base / pins using my super sticky glue.
Sent a pair each to my daughters who pronounced them very lovely But… too big for their ear-lobes.
No problem, I will take the bases off the glass, use the glass cabochons for something else and make smaller cabochons.
I have so far tried soaking in boiling water, soaking in nail varnish remover. This is Good E6000. It is cured, it is stuck and it is staying stuck.
Any ideas please… the bases are sterling silver and not cheap… they are also sharp and fiddly and can’t think of any tool I can use without risk of cutting my fingers off or bending the pins.

Have you tried using neat alcohol? I have some things that I stick to my books and use superglue - the only thing that shifts it if I don’t fix it perfectly straight is vodka which I soak onto a cotton bud. Might work!

Off to raid the drinks cupboard. :slight_smile:
Now soaking in neat vodka :sweat_smile:


Eeekk I have a small cut on my finger which I didn’t know about until I dipped it in the vodka. :frowning:

Hope it works and ouch! :slight_smile:

So far so not very good. This E6000 is Fantastic !
Question is just how much do I value my thumb nails (both now gone squidgy on the end) and my fingers… given I am on blood thinners so sticking a stanley knife in them is a bad option.

Next question… what does one do with a dozen pairs (silly of me, should have tried just a couple first) of too big and therefore useless dichroic stud earrings with sterling silver backs. I may hit them all with a hammer and at least that way may recover the dichroic glass for reuse and throw what will by then be battered sterling silver backs in the bin !

Bob says try bleach. I am not sticking my fingers in bleach !

If they’re too big for earlobes and you can’t get the back off… is there something else you can make them into like a pin badge? Not sure if a back for those would work on an earring pin, but it sounds like time for creative thinking!

Without access to a lab full of solvents and a fume hood I don’t think you are going to be able to dissolve the glue (is your nail polish remover ethyl acetate based or acetone based? If its ethyl acetate based try an acetone based one). Would the dichroic glass survive a blast from a blow torch to burn off the glue? (this needs to be done in a well ventilated area and the backs might require a rub down with sand paper to remove any burnt glue residue) If not could you bend the earring posts round and solder the end in place to form a shank for a button?

Oh no! Pendants?

You could try Glue Buster from Delux Materials, available from model making shops. My husband said it unsticks superglue and resins very slowly. He paid £6.50 for a 28g bottle. There might be more info on the internet to see if it’s suitable.

If you are looking for some dichroic glass earrings which are strong, in fact the strongest substance known to man… then look no further than mine.
I have put a single pair into a padded envelope and hit them very hard and repeatedly, including other scrap glass to show them how it’s done. I used Bob’s biggest hammer, left to him by his father and the very best hammer there is.
Not a mark on them. Ok the sterling silver pin eventually broke off but not a scratch on that glass and Nothing, I mean Nothing, is going to dislodge that E6000.

I will write these off as a loss, every little helps with income tax deductions, and maybe find a use for 20+ little dichroic blogs, with firmly attached circle of sterling silver… I could stick them onto a suncatcher as shiny pebbles. Who knows what they will become.
The only thing I know is that the earring back is not now or ever going to remove itself from that glass :laughing:

PS I hit them so hard that several objects flew off Bob’s workbench including the garage phone and it’s plugged in stand but fortunately not my Dab radio.


Given the performance of that glue where’d you get it? I don’t often use it but I’ve had some of the feeble ineffective versions and need a small tube of the decent stuff for those rare occasions.

Could you sand off the glue/ silver circle and glue on a cufflink back instead? I think they would be about the right size for that.

Sasha I’ll message you the shop (it’s Not from Folksy :frowning: )

I’ve had to give up one my stuck things as they are tiny, 2cm, and too small to hold onto anything without losing my finger ends or more importantly my finger nails. I need finger nails to remove the backing from my copper foil and curse when I break a critical one. xx

message received - thank you most useful.

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I’ve now made some much smaller ear studs. Will wait for daughter’s opinion before going into production… as will need to order more backs as the rest are stuck firmly on the too big ones :slight_smile:

The pair at the top are the big ones which hang off the bottom of the earlobe very oddly as they are too heavy.


You can buy different sized butterfly scroll back thingies (not the post bit the other bit) - the larger sizes are good for heavier earrings so they sit properly on the ear lobe. Possibly worth considering depending on the feedback from your daughters.

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Joy, i bought my friend some earrings about the size of your original ones, but they were dangly ones, and a small necklace too, unfortunately she lives miles away, so I’m not sure what earring backs she used. She has never complained of them being too heavy, we usually buy something from the artist every time we see her. So if you can attach a loop somehow, I’m sure they’d be popular.

My dangly ones are the size of the bigger ones and are fine. I have customers who have bought and worn straight away so I’ve been sure of that. It’s when the full weight is directly on the earlobe they hang oddly.
If I knock the pins off maybe I can stick a little ring on to the silver plate. After all I now know that once stuck this glue stays stuck !

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try heat, I think it is supposed to be able to withstand up to 82 degrees c , so warm them on their sides or upside down,( pull the ear wires with tweezers while holding the glass with something heatproof.) I have seen people say freezing can work as well. . I have also seen petrol suggested as a remover …but dont apply heat to it!

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