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How to get more shop views

Hey how come I am already no getting much views. Its very bizarre.

Are you using Google analytics to see how many views you’re getting?

I wouldn’t worry too much about getting lots of views, it’s sales you want, not views!

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Views do vary up and down even when you are regularly promoting in as many places as possible.

What you need to see is overall trends

Where are you promoting and how often do you promote?

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My views have been pretty good this week. My % has always been in the green on Shop Views. I’m surprised though giving what I have in my shop, I only have 2 items in there. Plus I haven’t been promoting my shop either.

Because its not a very popular site. More advertising is needed to get more Google views. We are our own advertisers here. I have recently opened elsewhere and because they have a very active support team, my views are really high. Its early days and only time will tell, but getting the plus account was a mistake! I am at a place where we all get a look in and not the favoured few!

I only opened in January but read as much advice as possible, was getting disheartened but joined in twitter, a totally new experience for me and yesterday I had my first sale:) and my second:) and today my third:)
I also got a tweet, my swan embroidery “favourite” by Amy Butler! So twitter here I come .

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I’d disagree that it’s not a very popular site. There are many shops here that have sold hundreds of items, but it does take a lot of work on the sellers part in promotion etc. The upside of Folksy is that it’s relatively inexpensive to list, the ‘downside’ is that it’s too small to do much promotion for you. It all depends how much work you’re prepared to put in and whether there’s a market out there for your items.


I’ve never seen your shop before, I love your items, especially your purses!

Are you on Facebook? I’d follow you if you were…

I agree with you Louis, the more you work at promoting, the more likely you sell, although having said that , I am still waiting for my first sale on folksy, I’m on etsy, twitter, pinterest, FB, google + and a few other sites, I have sold 5 items on etsy, so I am trying my best to sell, it does encourage me when I have nice comments about my work, if anyone has some good advice in ways to sell, it is always welcome to take it, that’s how we learn

have a good day everyone


That’s the one bit of social media that I’m not using! However you can follow me on Pinterest or Twitter. If you like my purses you might like my blog as it will have tutorials and patterns. Well that’s the plan.
So pleased you like the shop.

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Hi SoSewMegan I have put you on pinterest, FB, Twit


Thanks, Sue. That’s brilliant . :heart_eyes:

Sue I have noticed some of your photo’s are a bit blurry and you’ve not used all 5 photos slots.

Try showing the back side of your brooches as well.

You have one listing showing two photo’s of two different brooches. It was very confusing and it wasn’t until I read the description I noticed you were selling both together. I would suggest putting them side by side so you photograph them together and also take photo’s of their backs. In fact looking at it again it’s even more confusing for a potential customers as you have in the title a price for each brooch. If you are selling them together the customer needs to see the complete price.

I also find it hard to read as you have no real punctuation in your descriptions.

It’s not just about listing and promoting it’s about presenting your listing in a way that it’s easy for the buyer to see what they are buying both in photos’ and in descriptions. Remember potential customers can only go by what we write and show. Potential customers can do pick up your items and examine them like they can in a Bricks and Mortar Shop.

Hope that helps

Hi Eileen Thanks so much for all your advice, you are absolutely right, I am going to sort the brooches out and have a good look at my shop and improve on the photography, spelling etc, I suffer with dyslexia of the worst kind and spelling does not go well with me and takes ages to write up about my items but I must sort it if I want people buy from my shop, I really appreciate your help that’s kind of you.

have a nice evening


Well I have been on folksy now few months still no sales but i know there is a market for my stuff. All my stuff I hand paint and also handmake. I havnt uploaded anymore items as yet cos its the affordability and with no sales I am seeing myself going to have to leave folksy :cry: sad really cos I think its great but certainly not been great on my behalf.

Folksy isn’t well enough know for you to just set up shop and expect people to stumble across it - you need to promote it. The links in your shop to a facebook page and pinterest don’t work and your twitter feed looks like you just plug your weebly shop. Have you correctly listed your t-shirts on the site? I was having a look through to see how your t-shirts compared to the others in the t-shirt section and I couldn’t find them so I suspect that you have put them in another category which is perhaps not the one that people look in for your type of product. I was looking in clothing and accessories/clothing and shoes/ t-shirts which seemed logical to me.
In my first year on folksy my sales were slow and mostly to friends/ family however in my second year it has been much better with all the promotion and business cards I’ve handed out starting to pay off but it is taking time and effort.

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Oh dear think you might want to do a little research on Trademark infringement in connection to the images on the T-shirts.

You T-shirts are also listed under wedding which I would think is the wrong category.

We have tags again which need to be used
You don’t mention what your material are
what length are you wool hair extensions?
Think about what a potential customer would type into a search bar when looking for an item.
It looks like you have them laid on a mat/floor rug. No matter how clean that might be it would put many people off. Try placing things on a clean washed plain sheet rather than on the floor.
Are you selling one strand or do them come in say a pack of 5 strands? It’s very unclear just what a person would get would they get the whole bunch shown in the photo?
Try to use all your photo slots a photo of one individual hair extension strand would be useful.
Are they wool yarn or are they acrylic yarn?

You really need to work on your photos
What paints are you using, are they fabric paints and have you cured them by ironing them after they have dried? These are questions I would ask as a buyer also washing instructions on how to care for the hand painted item?

Are you promoting your items via as many social media sites as possible? Are you promoting via word of mouth, business cards/fliers etc?
How often do you promote?
Have you joined in any of the promoting threads in the Showcase part of the forum?

Hope this helps

i have promoted it. i have used the hash tag folksy and have used the facebook page. And my facebook has been working. i promote every single day and do everything i can to build my business. i dont just set up a shop and expect it. i have catorgrised them correctly as some are shirts and the other category is shirts. I have also put them in t shirts and clothing. I also promote myself in other places i dont just sit on a computer to await. I have done a princes trust course and had help to build up. I was only asking. as far as twitter i didnt know all these were able to be linked to folksy cos i have been here some time but wasnt aware of any of the attachments. thankyou again for your advise i will look into some of the things you said but i certainly aint not promoting its what i wake up to and do every day.