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How to improve views and get seen in searches?

(Saraphir Qaa-Rishi) #1

I’ve had my shop on Folksy for about 1/2 year and decided in November to go for the plus option and really focus on getting more listings on. I’ve got almost 90 things listed now. However, my views are very low - some days none and I don’t know what to do to get them up. I’ve connected my shop with Google Analytics and mention it on all my social media profiles. I’ve noticed that when you search for something on Folksy you often get this long section of things from just one shop, does anyone know why that is?? And does anyone know if Folksy favour shops who are only on Folksy and not also on Etsy etc. Any advice and feedback on my shop would be gratefully received! Thanks…

(Louise Stossich) #2

Hi Saraphir - I’m new to Folksy so I’m interested in what you are asking too, I just had a look at your shop and you make some lovely items, I then looked at your competitors on Folksy and it seems that your booties for example are certainly more expensive than others which might be a contributing factor to why you don’t get views / sales. I know it takes time and materials to make items and you don’t want to be giving them away but its just something that struck me whilst looking. I hope this helps. Good luck

(Eileens Craft Studio) #3

That maybe due to those sellers listing a group of items all at once.

What sort of social media are you using and do you just mention your shop or do you mention an item? How often do you promote.

I find I have to promote something from my shop on a few different social media site at least very 2-3days.

I did a little experiment over Christmas till the 11 jan where I no promoting at all due to not feeling to grand but I still received about a third of my normal views.

It does take time to build views I know comparing my views in the last 2 years that my views are overall way up on my first year on Folksy.

You have lovely crochet baby booties and tbh at a price they are very reasonable. If I was to walk into a little bricks and mortar baby boutique shop I’d expect to pay even more for a hand crochet pair of baby booties.

(Saraphir Qaa-Rishi) #4

Hi Eileen and Louise

Thank you both for your comments and time!

Louise, I know that my booties are a bit more expensive than some people’s, but from what I have seen of booties in organic yarn they are quite average. I see craft making as a vocation and I think being paid a living wage for your work is reasonable. I also think it’s about telling people that this is what it costs when you want something handmade rather than something mass-produced. I personally find it quite difficult when people sell their things for much less than they’re really worth and it makes me wonder if they really value what they are doing themselves… however, this is a big discussion as I am sure some people would disagree!

Eileen, I use Facebook, Pinterest and a bit of Instagram and Google+. The last 2 are just really to have a presence. I tend not to mention my shops so much on Facebook as I think it puts some people off and Facebook now penalise when you sell too overtly. I have links to both my shops there. I post almost every day, but sometimes patterns from my blog, sometimes just a photo of something new. The posts without mention of shops etc are the ones that I get most engagement on from people who have liked my page. Thanks for your comment on the price of my booties. My things sell well at markets and in shops, and I know that many people are prepared to pay that price, but somehow it hasn’t really taken off online! Do you know why Folksy searches bring up these blocks of things from one shop??? Thanks!

(Louise Stossich) #5

Hi Saraphir, I totally agree with you, with regards to pricing, (I think I should have elaborated my previous message but was being distracted by a 2 yr old!) and people should be proud of their work and be paid accordingly, it was more of an observation when I did a search for booties. I have always found that I sell a lot more at markets / boutiques / word of mouth than online as I believe people enjoy seeing and touching things, I’m hoping this will change though.

So my point is that when people shop online and they are shown pages of similar products why do they choose and buy the one they do, is it the price that attracts them as then they don’t feel they will lose much if they don’t like it when it arrives - I’m not sure, sorry banging on now! Good luck and keep up the beautiful work

(Saraphir Qaa-Rishi) #6

Hi Louise. I totally agree!! Thanks for commenting again! Good luck with your beautiful work too!


(Eileens Craft Studio) #7

I notice you say you are on google+ have you joined in any of the communities as there are plenty crafty ones that are set up to share and promote each other’s work.

I find them very useful and as soon as a post one of my items from my shop I get lots of activity not just on google+ but views to my shop.

Here are some links you might find useful
This one has been set up but a fellow Folksy member

This one has a lot of activity and I get a lot of shares and +1’s on my posts just read the rules at the top for how to join in.

There are far more communities on google+ that will share your work if you share their work it all helps to get you items seen by a bigger audience.

I also find Craftjuice is great to use as well.

You join up post your item and then put the link to your item on craftjuice on our Craftjuice on folksy and we all vote for each others items which then means our items get promoted on twitter and facebook and even sometimes on google+. I find Craftjuice a great tool for getting my items out there.

(Saraphir Qaa-Rishi) #8

Thank you so much Eileen, that is so helpful. I have noticed that I get views on G+ even if i don’t have followers, so I have been wondering about putting more effort in there. Will have a look at craft juice as well. Thanks a lot! See you on G+!

(Louise Stossich) #9

Hi Eileen, thank you for the links and details re craftjuice - I’m busy having a look at them - all new to me too. @Saraphir I was thinking more about your site last night and I was wondering if you need to try photographing your items differently so they really standout when someone does a search, because at the moment most of the booties for example are photographed exactly the same, maybe try dressing up the stage a bit more so they really catch someone’s eye straight away. Hope this helps!

(Saraphir Qaa-Rishi) #10

Hi Louise

Thanks for your comment. I have tried a bit with the photography - holding them in my hand etc, but you’re right, I should be more inventive! It just all takes such a long time! And the light is not so good in the winter either, which limits where I can take the photos… But I’ll give it good think! See you on Google+ and thanks for taking time to give feedback! Have a great weekend!

(Ronald Koorm) #11

There is a lot of info on photo technique in the various threads on Folksy and elsewhere. Cloudy days in winter but relatively bright days are ideal for taking pictures of objects outside.

Otherwise, use a cheap, but good separate electronic flash, and ideally two of them side by side, triggered from your camera. White folding reflectors can be bought in the better photo shops or online, or you can use large white card or even a white sheet or pillowcase to reflect the light and fill in the shadows of your objects.

(Saraphir Qaa-Rishi) #12

Thanks Ronald. I think I need to do a bit of research. People always said my photos looked good, but I think I need to be more creative!