Folksy Ltd

Would love some advice on my shop!

I’ve been here on Folksy for a few weeks and I’m really struggling to get very many views at all and what views I have don’t convert into sales.

I really don’t know what I’m doing wrong?

  • Is it the Product?
  • Is it the Price?
  • Is it my Store?
  • Is it my imagery?

If anyone can have a quick look and let me know that would be appreciated.


You need more items in your shop if you can. The more items, the more chance of getting found.

Also your Facebook page and and Instagram direct people to your etsy shop so why would they come here? Your Twitter links to your website and on your blog it links to eBay, etsy and folksy.

Promotion is key to getting found on folksy. You need to tell people you’re here. Do you join in any of the promotional threads here in the forum? Do you make use of groups on Facebook to share your items? Maxine of @paperchainsandbeads runs a lovely facebook group for folksy sellers

I agree with @Knittingtopia regarding the number of items in your shop and linking your shop on Social Media.

Your photos and descriptions are good. Perhaps you can use some sailing props for your main photo as it may give people more of a sense of what you are about and draw them more to the product.

I’ve liked your Facebook page and tweeted one of your products.

Wishing you lots of success and sales with your new shop.

Thanks @Knittingtopia and @TheRibbonQuarter much appreciated.

Yes that is true my social media promotions have in the pat been targetted to Etsy, I do need to spread the love around to Folksy as well, I’ll put that in my plans! Regarding more items, yes I’m aware of that, I’m finding it harder than I thought it would be to get hold of new sails (spinnakers) and I’m struggling to come up with other products based on using the upcycled sailcloth, but I am wracking my brains! I did use the Folksy promo threads at one point, but it felt that it was ‘false’ views, perhaps I am wrong in that assumption and should relook at that.

Thanks for all your help so far!

I understand what you mean by false views but I take part in the daily listing thread where most people will promote your items for you. I personally pin everybody’s items onto one of my Pinterest boards and I retweet a lot of tweets that have the hashtag #newonfolksy so even if I am a ‘false view’ one of my followers may just be your next customer :slight_smile:

I’m not sure you are doing anything wrong, January is notoriously quiet for sales as people pay off christmas credit card bills. I spotted one of your squares on the front page as a folksy favourite so that indicates that you have good product and presentation so I think it comes down to patience and promotion. Have you tried promoting on sailing forums? Going on them and just saying ‘buy my stuff’ is bad form but as a sailor you could participate in discussions about sailing and mention that you also have this as a sideline - they might know where to get more old sails from and want to buy pocket squares for when they have to scrub up.

Ok that makes sense, thanks.

Thanks for the info, I have started to try to get the message out on the sailing forums, but I need to do more.