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Help - where am I going wrong?

Hi all,

I’ve been on Folksy for a while, and recently signed up for a Plus account so I could list more and grow my store. I do well on ‘other’ sites, but don’t seem to be having much luck here - my views are always really low, and I only really get a sale every 2 months or so.

Was wondering if anyone can have a look at my shop and let me know where I’m going wrong? Any help is appreciated!!

Thanks :slight_smile:

I’m not sure you are going wrong anywhere in particular, have a look at this other thread How to get traffic to your Folksy shop others are having the same issue. Folksy doesn’t come as far up in google searches as other selling platforms (unless you have unusual items, I’m top of the pile for bowlerite cufflinks but I think I’m the only person selling those online) so unless your promotion is driving people here (and based on your FB and twitter feeds you tend to send them to et*y) then they will go to other shopping platforms.

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Don’t think you are doing anything wrong, your jewellery is lovely and well made and your photographs are good. I do think the Plus account should help though for re listing and getting your items to the top of the category pages. Potential buyers probably give up after trawling through pages and pages.

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True… I try and do both on Twitter (not a lot of people following my fb page!), but it’s hard to know where to point them when you sell on more than one place. I was hoping Folksy would help with my UK sales as e*sy is mostly US based… not too much luck yet though!

Am following the link to the thread you sent - thanks for that :slight_smile:

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Thanks Dawn - I’ll keep trying! :smile:

I know what you mean about where to point people when promoting. My et*y shop is for the more unusual stuff that needs the larger (international) audience to find the right buyer, it has a much smaller range than my folksy shop as a result so I don’t promote it (but the items are found and i need to restock it). I do promote my folksy shop but not in a ‘look what I’ve just listed’ way, all my links point here as do my business cards and after 2 1/2 years it is finally starting to take off but is still a long way behind my off line sales (but my promotion does tend to go it that direction).
Try running some searches on folksy (or getting a friend who doesn’t have your search term bias to do it) to check that your products appear on the first couple of pages of the results and compare favourably to other items returned in the same search. One of the things I found helped with being found in searches was putting colours in titles/ descriptions - eg some people search for golden brown bracelet whilst others would search tigers eye bracelet so titling (and having the tags as well) the item golden brown tigers eye bracelet gets both search groups.

You need to have as many links back to your shop as possible on the internet. Then you’ll come further up in a google search.

How you do this is promoting in lots of different social media sites don’t just use one social media site.

It also takes time to build up those ‘back links’ for instance it’s taken me two years to slowly climb up in a google search but it’s now working for me I’ve had more sales in the last 6months than in the entire time I’ve been on folksy.

Your photo’s, descriptions and tags look great from the one listing I checked.

It really is hard work and takes a lot of time to get noticed.

What social media are you using? and how often do you any promoting?

I tend to spread mine out so one day I’ll do something on googl+ another day I’ll do facebook and yet another day I’ll do twitter.

Also if you belong to any crafting forums and post often I would suggest asking permission to have a link back to your shop in your posts. Many crafting forums will allow this if you follow their rules.

I’m on 5 different craft forums and everytime I post on one of them my shop link is there and it gets picked up by google.

Here are some social media sites you can use.


Hope this helps

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Thanks Sasha - I’ll look into adding colours, good advice thanks :smile:

Also good idea on having a friend help me out with search as it’s hard to think of different search terms!

Thanks Eileen,
I’m on facebook and twitter, not much of a following on fb but I’ll keep trying! If anyone wants to give me a like I’m happy to like back too :slight_smile:

I use wanelo as well but haven’t seen much traffic from there. Instagram is completely new to me, haven’t used it yet so will have a look. And have just registered on Craftjuice so hope to be on there soon! Many thanks for the advice :smiley:

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