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(finchandthefallow) #1


My shop doesn’t seem to getting any views at the moment, despite me playing around with SEO and adding more keywords etc. Does anyone know how long it takes for SEO to take affect? How can I improve views just from Folksy search?

I also sell on Etsy and I am doing quite well on there having changed up my SEO but seems to have had the opposite effect here.

Thank you for any help :slight_smile:

(Kim Blythe) #2

How are you promoting your Folksy shop? I notice both your Facebook page and Twitter both promote your Etsy shop so you will have more views there, that’s where you are pointing to…you need to promote your Folksy shop if you want more views here.


(Dawn Sneesby) #3

I’ve just seen your Friendship card on the front page so it must be in Folksy Favourites , that should get you some views.

(Karen Nelson) #4

I have been away for the past 2 weeks (didn’t bother putting my shop on holiday mode) and I have had no views either. I have also put into the search engine Kindle covers and none of my items appear. How can I try to make any sales if my items don’t appear at all? Now getting really miffed as I use to list on Etsy but came back to Folksy with it being UK based,

(Roz) #5

I believe it is all down to promotion - I have had a shop on Ety since August 2012 and one on here since January 2013. I do no promotion of my Ety shop and have had 43 sales whilst I have just celebrated my 200th sale here on Folksy the majority of those coming since I actively started promoting my shop in May last year.

(Kim Blythe) #6

I looked on your Facebook page and your main link still takes people to Etsy…maybe you should change that to your Folksy shop link.

(Sasha Garrett) #7

Search engines like links so if you don’t have lots of links to your items from things like blogs, facebook, pinterest then you will never feature very high up especially for generic terms like ‘kindle cover’ where the big retailers will beat you to it. When I searched for ‘felt tiger kindle fire cover’ you were on the first page as the big retailers don’t have that sort of item. You might want to double check your tags - I searched folksy to see how much competition you are up against using the term ‘felt kindle cover’ and looking in your shop that should have returned 7 of your items but I only got 4 of them, ‘felt kindle sleeve’ found all of them. Now I’m not a gadgety person so I don’t know what the correct terminology is for these things (sleeve, cover, case, sock?) so maybe tweeking your tags would help your items be found by other non gadgety people.
Hopefully that’s helpful to you.

(BaggieAggie) #8

Zero views for my shop too, so (pretty obviously!) zero sales. The only time I get any views is when I post in the promo threads on the forums, and all those views come from other sellers. It’s been this way ever since I reopened my shop a couple of months ago.

My SEO is excellent, so this is clearly a major problem with Folksy itself. I have no doubt that some sellers are having success here, but those of us whose items are buried in totally unsuitable categories don’t stand a chance. For example, eReader and tablet cases are not clothing accessories, so why are they buried in Clothing & Accessories…? Not even a passing buyer who happened to chance upon Folksy would think to look there for such items.

Thankfully, I sell pretty well (and with almost zero promotion) from my Ety shop and my own website. It’s far more expensive to list and sell here than it is on Ety, so I would have expected more from Folksy than total invisibility. :confused:

(sundaybestdolls) #9

yeah been here a month…and no views at all!

(Sue Beacham) #10

It may seem a silly question but what does SEO mean



(Karen Nelson) #11

Thanks for the info, I do promote as much as I can and will amend my FB page.
Sue, SEO means Search Engine Optimiser

(Helen Dale) #12

I’d say both etsy and folksy perform similarly for me. The number of views I get seems to depend upon how much time I spend on the forums to be honest.

(Christine E.) #13

My sales on Etsy went suddenly from steady to nothing in early December last year. I always see these ‘catastophes’ in terms of town planning- as if my shop has been moved from the high street to a suburban cul de sac! I’m certain it’s nothing I did or didn’t do but some mysterious outside force!
My views on Folksy at the moment are the best they’ve ever been. I’ve only sold three things so far this month but September and October were quite good. I have been working on my SEOs.

(Susan Bonnar) #14

I promote my shops on here & over there equally. However - if I am busy and have little time for promotion over there I still get steady sales and around 50 views a day. On here I get no sales and around 5 views a day. It’s just the way it is. I believe that the most successful Folksy sellers generally have their Folksy shop as their main or only shop and they dig out promoting their shops and drive customers here via their fb page, business cards etc etc.

If you set up on here and expect people to just find you then sadly it will be cobwebs not shoppers that you get in your shops.

PS At British Crafters we drive the people to your store for you, come and see what we could do for you maybe? We of course can’t make people buy from you, but we can at least get them in your shop door!

(Jennifer Combes) #15

I find if I promote a page it does get views at the expense of the other ones. As its my first year Im just experimenting with promoting. On my E site I get 100-250 views a day where as here its under 10. I may switch I’ll see how it goes. I’m thinking of not having a website of my own as its expensive and E and Folksy seem to be doing the trick. Just trial and error for me at the moment.

(Sally Eira) #16

Have you got a tag for the terms ‘kindle covers’ ? if not, the search may not find them.

(Jo Sara) #17

What Dottie said :slight_smile:

(Sally Eira) #18

search engine optimsation - that is how well you set up your listings so that they can be found by search engines such as google.

The words you use in your listings and listing titles can affect whether search engines find your items and so this can impact on sales.

There have been a few discussions about it on folksy hour on twitter including how to use keywords and tags. i’ll see if i can find you some links to them.

(Sally Eira) #19

this may be of help

(Amberlilly) #20

Cobwebs to be found here most definitely @dottiedesigns Lol!