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How to set up a Facebook Shop

I have a question for a friend.
She would like to know how you get a “SHOP NOW” thing on your facebook page.

I dont know because I do mine thru my website, which I set up yonks ago. I just clicked a few buttons in my websites dashboard, filled in my fb page address and it appeared.

But she doesn’t have a website. So how do people sell via fb without a website like mine?
Can it be done on a personal page or does it have to be via a business page?

Does she sell on folksy, if so she can add that but I can’t quite remember how I did mine.

A little bit of advertising for Bella & Grace!!

This one is viewed from an iphone

This one is viewed from a laptop

When you click on them they take them straight to their website (I guess it could be folksy too).

I have messaged Bella & Grace on fb so waiting for a response!

Worked it out, easy when you know how!!

For all those that want to know, click on Call to action on the fb banner.
A box comes up, use the drop down box to select Shop Now and add your website.

Or in my case when I did it I added my Folksy shop as all my ‘automated’'sales are via my shop on here.