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Shop now button on Facebook

On my tablet I can only see the shop now button which leads to my Gotshop.
So, question is, the apps on my Facebook page which takes you to Folksy isn’t showing, any idea why this is? As if there is no way, then I’m going to swap it over to shop now at Folksy.

I searched for you using my phone so hopefully that gives the same result as a tablet. I can see a shop now button (which gives me a 404 error when I click on it) and underneath it in the ‘about’ section links to etsy and weebly shops. However if I click through to the about page and then click the ‘view website’ button it takes me to your folksy shop. I think if you put your folksy shop address first in the about section it will appear above the etsy and weebly ones on the main page.
When I try and go to your facebook page via the link on your folksy shop front (wanted to check I had the right amberlilly) on my pc I get a ‘sorry page isn’t available’ error, this might just be my computer as I’ve had this problem before but you might want to double check it. (pinterest and twitter links work fine)
Hopefully thats helpful.

Thanks @SashaGarrett that’s interesting to know. Will check it all out as, who knows I maybe loosing sales???:-1:

Well I have changed my shop link on the call to action to Folksy, which works on my laptop. but when I try it on my phone, it doesn’t send me to my shop but just says test button??? Any ideas?

Ahhh! If I click on the test link it DOES take me to my Folksy Shop! Relief!!!

Isn’t the advice at this point normally to clear the memory cache and try again in case its remembering an old web page?

I have just tried your Facebook link in your Folksy shop, and I too am getting the error page.

Have you done it via the shop now button, the new one @DeborahJonesJewellery
I just tried both again and its fine. But, I am a bit worried its not working for others?? :pensive:

The problem isn’t going from facebook to your shop (although I haven’t tried that again) it is going from your folksy shop to your facebook page (in case people want to like you and follow up for updates via FB). That doesn’t work for me either.

Maybe I haven’t linked it, will check @SashaGarrett

I had the incorrect link, it works now, thxs @SashaGarrett

Just checked and it works for me too.