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I need a bit of help

i have been getting advise on my page and somebody told me my link to my facebook isnt working. The thing is my pages are still available so can somebody help me on how to get it back up and running.

Hi Crystal

I’ve just tried your Facebook link and all looks fine. It takes me to your page.
The Twitter link is fine too, but the Pinterest one doesn’t seem to work. It say “OOps” :blush:

Hope this helps


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Your facebook page is now weorking for me too. It must have been a glitch at my end as previously I was getting a link not working message sorry about that. Now that I have seen your facebook page I can’t see any links to your folksy shop, have you considered adding the folksy widget? That would allow you to have a tab with a grid of the products available in your folksy shop so people could see your range and click through to buy them.

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Do you know how to do that cos it seems That I am finding it difficult and never knee you could add link to folksy regards.

This should help you out

under the paragraph on tumblr there is a bit about facebook with a link. You’ll need to click on the link and follow the instructions (fairly certain that’s how I did it anyway).