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Rodent Gate

(Sarah Eves) #1

Despite failing eyesite and being the size of a large rabbit, my soon-to-be-13 cat has brought me a present.
Of the furry rodent kind, and very much alive.

My 22 year old son ‘‘helpfully’’ woke me up at midnight to say there was a rat in the room.
He then proceeded to give instructions from the sofa, with his feet in the air and one eye firmly on Match of the Day, while I brandished a broom and moved furniture.

He’s insistent it’s a huge rat, although he was also insistent that the small spider in the bath was a tarantula,
I think it’s a large mouse.
And the cats are not interested.

I toyed with the idea of going to bed and leaving the door open, on the off chance it might wander off, but after an hour of an open door and no sleep I relented and shut it, having visions of waking up to half the neighbourhood cats, a fox and a tribe of mice wandering through.

SO - morning, door open and a definite scuttling sound.
And looking for advice on how to get rid of the rodent intruder without using poison or little/big nipper mouse traps as they may harm the cats!

Sarah x

(Melanie Commins) #2

You can get humane rat traps (just google it). I’ve never used one but I’m guessing you just stick something tempting inside and wait.

Should be up to your son to “helpfully” release it somewhere (far, far away) though I think! :slight_smile:

(Joy Salt) #3

The humane traps I had were quite effective. Trouble was after carrying the trapped mice to the field at the end of the road and releasing them, I would then look behind to see them following me up the road !

That’s when I got cats , but that’s what’s started your problem :slight_smile:

(Sally Lucas) #5

Humane traps and peanut butter works here.

(Sarah Eves) #6

Such a shame the rat-in-a-box and drop off in a field approach doesn’t work with temperamental 22 year olds…

(Eileens Craft Studio) #7

I’ve used those type as we had little field mouse get in once.

We found they preferred something sweet but you do have to check the traps very often as they can die inside them out of fright trying to escape. Oh and they are very fast when you release them.

I would release them as far from your house as possible and in a place where they can hide quickly.

(Maggie Gee Needlework Studio) #8

I spent many years living in a big (gypsy) trailer in the middle of the country. I used to put bird seed out for the birds and the Ratty Devils would run out of the hedge and along the fence behind us to reach the bird table. Their acrobatics were joyful to watch but obviously not to be encouraged so they were forever given the code name of ‘Hedge Mice’ should anyone possibly be in sight of them and get hysterical!..I couldn’t want one in my house though!!!

(Suzanne Francis) #9

my cat brings in live mice, and insists on entering the living room them letting them go. I don’t find out what he wants to do with them, can’t bear to watch. So I shush him off and spend the next couple of hours trying to catch them, (either picking them up or waiting with a cup!, not recommended if rats) , then put them out. No sooner had I done it with one particular mouse, my cat brought it back in 10 mins later - I caught it again and amazingly it was ok!! I don’t think I would like it if he was bringing in rats , though Im quite fond of them, I wouldn’t fancy one in my home :smile: or their teeth! and possible disease - shame as they are cute!

(Christine E.) #10

When we had cats, we had families of mice setting up home in our kitchen- the cats brought them in and released them. Since the cats pegged out, we haven’t seen a mouse inside! We were successful with the humane traps- we even caught a large slug once!

(Eileens Craft Studio) #11

I’ve rather have to deal with a rat than mice.

Mice are disgusting I know they can’t help it but they have no control over their bladders or bottoms so wee and poo continually.

Rats tend to be much cleaner in that respect as they don’t like to wee and poo where they live they tend to have a different area for that kind of thing.

If you get mice you’ll have to disinfect everything and you’ll find mice droppings in everything. :frowning:

(Bojanglies) #12

Our cat used to bring us live mice and rats, and then watch us in disgust as we’d chasethem around for half an hour, trying to catch them in a flower pot…

(Rebecca Hart) #13

Oh Maggie, that sounds glorious…living in a trailer in the middle of the country … how lovely :smiley: xx

(Rebecca Hart) #14

Sorry have no advice… My cat brings in dead ones and hides them around the house just so they are extra smelly!!

(Maggie Gee Needlework Studio) #15

Lol!!! Everyone says that!!! The reality was washing up and showering in a seperate block! It was ‘character forming’ shall we say!!!..but it made me realise that people were more important than things. Luckily I had a small antiques shop so I was able to keep my beloved books there ; my one indulgence!xx

(Sally Lucas) #16

My cat bought in the smallest mouse into our living room last night - unfortunately our visitors are “City folk” and shreaked and curled up on the sofa. They left 1 minute later and in 5 minutes I had caught the little mouse and released it back into the field. Might have to consider keeping a pet mouse for those times when we want the house back to ourselves :smile:

@MaggieGeeNeedleworkStudio - which TV series had a character that was always saying something like ‘my one indulgence’ - I’ll have to get my grey matter working. It always made me laugh.

(Christine E.) #17

Sally, I’ve lived in London (if you can count Wimbledon) for 37 years and I’m not scared of mice- you wouldn’t get rid of me that easily :slight_smile: Spiders on the other hand…!

(Sarah Eves) #18

As an update on my unwelcome resident…he’s a blighter to catch!!!

Still on the loose, have resorted to ordering a humane trap now - having left windows and door open for days in the vain hope it may move out I caught it sitting IN the cats’ biscuit bowl last night!!!
He’s going to leave a very well fed rodent.

The cats aren’t interested and my 22 year old son is barricaded in his room, only emerging to eat and leave the house.
For such a small animal, it causes havoc :smile:

Sarah x

(Joy Salt) #19

When the large Rat Family (of large rats) moved in under our garage - concrete built up a foot or so from next door’s garden (who incidentally have chickens and rabbits !) so they could easily burrow down through the untended bit at the end of their garden

  • they visit my “dog run” which is a half open area at the end of the garage and leave piles of poo Everywhere.
  • I’d rather have the mice which camp out in the woodpile under my
    bench any day.