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I think I need some help

Hi, Folks. :slight_smile:
I’ve been on Folksy for about 9 years and sold quite well for a while, back in ‘the day’. But over the years, things have slowed down considerably, and now I sell next to nothing here. By contrast, over the last year sales in my other online shop have been good enough that I was able to decrease hours at my day job to spend more time working on new projects as well as keeping up with orders. I’m thinking that at least some of that time I have gained I should use to see if I can build up some momentum again here on Folksy.

The obvious thing that I know must work against me is that all of my original collages go straight into my other shop (because that’s where the sales are: but I can also see that creates a self-perpetuating cycle). I offer custom-order collages here, but in the main people prefer to buy something here & now rather than wait the extra couple of weeks for something new. I also send all my blog & social media traffic to the other site.

So that is 2 things that I can work on. But is there anything else in my shop that stands out to you? Something you would like or expect to see there, or are surprised to see or not see? Something I could tweak or do differently? Something in my descriptions that is missing, or confusing?

I think I am going to invest in the Plus account so that I can just add listings without thinking about the cost (eg adding separate listings for individual card & notebook designs rather than minimising listing costs with multi-item sets). But any other guidance as to how else I might be able to lure in a couple of customers would be very much appreciated… Thanks in advance for any help! :slight_smile:


You’ve hit the nail on the head in that you are directing everyone to another site so why would they come here. You’ll only get passing traffic here.

Why not if you are having 2 places try putting different subjects/skills etec in one place and then you can promote both sites equally but they’ll both carry slightly different items.

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That’s definitely something to think about, thank you! To be honest, just writing my post above helped clarify for me the key things I need to work on. But I think the main thing is just putting a bit of effort in…

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