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How to be successful on Folksy?

I’m not finding Folksy to be a very successful place compared to some others, and I’ve seen others elsewhere state the same thing. Yet some people seem to do very well here. What’s the secret?:slight_smile:

I think my titles and tags are okay, but don’t get many views here and I can see the tumbleweed floating by as I type…

Does anyone have any useful suggestions?

The biggest thing is to promote, promote and promote on as many different social media platforms as possible and by word of mouth, business cards/flyers. Also join in some of the promotional bits in the Showcase part of the forum where we promote each other’s items as this helps us all to reach a wider audience.

I notice you still have your Christmas items at the top of your shop why not move them to the bottom till later in the year via ‘Shop Keeping’ in your dashboard via the dragging and dropping them to the bottom of the list.

I would move the jewellery up to the top by in the Shop keeping bit you’ll see next to each listing 'MOVE TO THE TOP click on that and your item will go to the top of your page.

You need to put some sizing/measurements into your listings use both imperial and metric measurement.

And it takes time to build up presence and get your shop known.

Hope that helps and all the best

There is also lots of info for sellers on the Folksy Blog if you haven’t read the top tips there yet:

I was going to say exactly the same as Eileen about moving your Christmas stock lower down in your shop. I still have all my Christmas stock in my shop but it’s right down at the bottom so that the more current stuff is the main focus. You have some lovely items.

There is not a lot of passing trade on Folksy , you need to send your customers here.
I see from your Facebook page that you steer them to your personal website and to your Etsy shop, so that is where they will go.
You can raise your profile on Folksy a bit by joining in on the forum promotional threads. Submitting relevant things to the gift guite threads etc. as well as listing new things regularly to stay higher in the search results.

Thanks for the replies everyone. I didn’t realise I could move the position of the items, so I’ve done that. I have submitted to guides in the past. I wasn’t sure if it was worth posting in the promotional threads - there are so many posts in one thread. Do people actually generate any sales from them?

I’ve only made 2 purchases so far on here (but been tempted to buy very many more!); both were as a result of seeing them posted on the forum.


I’ve also impulse-buyed more than once from the forums, and often discover shops I never knew existed.

Sarah x


Promoting yourself online and face to face if u do crafty stalls is really the only way forward.

Find your niche.

People just need to find you, and that takes time.

With time you will build up a nice customer base.

This is my third year here at Folksy and yes sales are quite infrequent. I definitely couldn’t give up my part time day job just yet.
I love my little shop here though and each sale really boosts my confidence. Each year has slightly more sales too with some repeat customers returning, which is fab.

So I guess having oodles of patience too is a definite must have. I sometimes see posts where people are giving up after a month or so of no sales and it’s such a shame.

I’ve recently opened another online shop to work alongside this one in the hope of starting to make a teeny tiny profit. Fingers crossed. No sales there yet, but hopefully the ‘kerching’ will sound soon :wink:

All the best with your shop


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I nearly forgot to say… I’ve noticed a lot of the successful sellers don’t really, if ever use the forums.
Maybe they just don’t have time as they are busy selling.
It would be great to hear how they manage to juggle the promotion side of things.

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Your jewellery is lovely, your photos are good and so are your prices so I don’t know why you aren’t selling as much as what you would like. The only thing I could suggest is having the plus account to keep your items in the first five pages or so. I also have a shop on the dark side which has far more worldwide customers but I sell much more on here than there and don’t know why.

I wonder if a paid promotion of Facebook is the answer. I’m getting to the stage with my SunSTRIKERs Facebook posts that they only reach a few people, and I get very few likes, where as if I post on my own Facebook page they are much more popular, even though the numbers of friends or followers are not much more. From what I read I’m not the only one. It’s how they make money - by controlling how many people see your posts. But anyway, they always offer you a chance to promote certain posts for a price, so I wonder if that would work - a carefully constructed ad?

Another seller, @davidandrewsxyz wrote a blog post about advertising on FB. Well worth a read before you pay out.


How interesting, never thought to post something from my personal page- may try that and see

only problem if you do it too often facebook see it as spam and can slap you over the knuckles for it.

My work round so that FB don’t think I’m spamming my friends with business posts was for my personal page to like my business page and then when ‘business me’ posts on my business page ‘personal me’ (sometimes) shares it to my personal page. (I hope that makes sense as I’ve been up a long time and need to go to bed).

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If we were to all follow or like each others facebook pages, and we could share away to our hearts content. We all probably have friends or followers who might actually be more interested in what someone else who we follow & share has to sell than what we are actually selling ourselves.

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@SashaGarrett I did this too. Only I liked my page from my personal page by accident. ( I seem to do that odd times with pictures too slightly embarrassing :blush:) It’s also a good way to see when and if you get the post from business account and how it’s looking. My husband liked my page to and that’s another way to see how long it takes before it shows up on his page. If at all it’s usually days after post.:slightly_frowning_face:

With Facebook it’s generally a good idea to only follow the pages you actually like and will interact with. Like for likes aren’t a good idea, because if those people don’t interact that can damage your reach because the FB algorithm will think you’re not posting interesting content and will hide it.


Thanks dawnsneesbyjewellery:) How does having a plus account keep you in the top five pages - do you mean you can relist often (i.e. not being charged every time you list) so this keeps you visible?