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If you're locked out of replying

(Sian ) #1

This shouldn’t be happening any more!

If you’re still having problems please try:

  1. Reloading the page
  2. Logging out and back in again
  3. Clearing your browser’s cache:’s-Cache
  4. Coming back in 24 hours :smiley:

If that doesn’t help, maybe let me know which browser (including version number) and operating system you are using

(Sian ) #2

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(Stephanie Guy) #3

None of these things worked for me last night, even tried rebooting and a different devise. The good news is I was only locked out til this morning, not the full 23 hours :slight_smile:

(Sara Leigh Thornton) #4

Yay! We can play again!!!

(Sian ) #5

Hopefully it was just a teething problem after I updated the settings. I’m not messing about with them today so if it happens again today, give me a shout!

(Sian ) #6

Ah, I think I found the right setting this time!

(Sian ) #7

(Sian ) #8