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I'm a Newbie

Hi All,

My name is Lizzie and I’ve just opened my shop Dolly’s Knits, I’m waiting for my banner to be fitted in the next couple of days, I’ve only listed a few items, I would appreciate it if you could have a look and let me know if my photos are ok and prices,

I would like to know how to favourite other shops, and if what I have for sale isn’t listed what do I do?
I do have another shop elsewhere am I allowed to list it anywhere??


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You need to log out then log back in again so your shop name comes up in blue text next to your name. Then we can click on your shop name in blue and land in your shop.

At the moment we can’t do that so are unable to help.

Welcome btw :grin:

Hi Lizzie, as Eileen says we can’t get to your shop at the moment but logging out of the forums and back in should remedy that.

If you want to favourite another shop, there is a :heart: favourite button on the main shop page in the bit just underneath the banner. If you want to love a particular item there is similar on the item page.

You won’t be allowed to link to another shopping platform but many people (myself included) list the same items for sale in more than one shop. Some don’t like the risk of selling the same item in both places at once but unless you are selling something that is flying out the door on a constant basis the likelihood is pretty small and if its something that could be duplicated and made up then you could just increase your despatch times a little to deal with it.

Good luck with the shop

Ok I’ve found your shop and looking at your listing for the white Flower topper Tea cosy I’m a bit confused.

Can you knit one in 1 day as you say it’s made to order and you’ll post it within 1 day of receiving payment.

the other listing for the red teapot cosy is also a wee bit confusing as you show different coloured cosies then say in the inspiration that other colours are available.

If they are already for sale ie already knitted up then it’s best to list them as separate teapot cosies. And if you are willing to take a commission in another colour put that at the bottom of the description.

In your scarf you’ve done the same thing so it’s confusing. Also customs made is only for items that are made especially to the customers requirements ie non standard size, or with names, dates, or events on them ie no one else would buy them as they are very tailored to the customer it’s a one off item.

Made to order is just where you change a colour but could go into general stock these items are returnable.

therefore the scarves are returnable so you’ll need to take that bit out.

You show 5 different coloured scarf/snoods but your title says wine coloured does a customer know which one they’ll get if they buy? I would think as a potential buyer I would be getting the one in the title the wine coloured one.

You’re listings a bit confusing.

Suggesting you can knit one in another colour should be in the description not the inspiration.

If you already have one knitted in another colour that is not custom made and should list it as a separate listing. Neither is it custom made if not yet knitted up but you are willing to knit one in another colour.

again nothing about knitting the item in another colour is Custom made so doesn’t qualify for the No returns bit under the UK/EU regulations on distance selling. The customer if they want can return it even if they’ve simply changed their mind as long as they let you know within 14 days of receiving it. They would also get a full refund including postage costs and unless you say Seller pays Return postage you’ll have to pay that postage as well. All they have to do once they’ve request a refund is go to paypal and get their money back or if they paid via their credit card through paypal go to their credit card company.

Your items are nice but some work on listing and some reading up of the new Distance selling laws is required.

You need to fill in your meet the maker section.

I hope this helps as I know custom made and made to order are confusing and knowing the returns laws is a bit of a learning curve.

welcome dollysknits…I can;t seem to find your shop?
OK,found it.,…can I add that you say you found the pattern for the cosies in a magazine.
You need to check that you are allowed to make and sell these items. A lot of patterns are copyrighted and although you can make them, you “might” need permission to sell the,
WOrth checking…

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oh yes patterns are sold with useage contracts written on them they’ll say something like mine do.

Not for commercial use private use only. But many knitting pattern designer like myself will often give permission to our customers if they first ask for our permission but not all will it’s down to the designer.

So yes Gweddus is correct you will have to first contact the owner of the pattern via the magazine and ask for permission, if you haven’t already. If you have don’t forget to say so on your listings something like with kind permission of … insert designers name.

Most people will give permission.
I recently bought a pattern…probably the FIRST one I have ever bought over the years, as I always design my own…
I sent a nice email to the designer asking if it was OK to sell finished items from her pattern and she said it was fine. I promised to give her credit for the design.

Hi Dolly’s Knits and welcome to Folksy, good luck with your new shop, it’s all a bit daunting when starting a new adventure but I’m sure you’ll get the hang of things over time. Wishing you a great Easter :slight_smile:

I’m a newbie too!
I’ve had a few views to my shop and one or two items have been liked but I’m still holding out for my first sale
I’m sure it will be soon lol !

Hellooooo :slight_smile: I am a newbie too and not sure if I am in the right place to say hello haha!!! I started crafting with my Mum and Grandma probably before I could walk and am now finally settled into mixed media ( or to put it another way…anything haha) Its my first time doing anything like this and its a bit scary. But I am delighted that I have already sold one piece which has delighted and amazed me :smiley:

I am hoping that I will soon work out how this forum works and be able to join in xxx

Congratulations on your first sale and welcome to Folksy!
Checking out the forum is a great place to start if you have got any questions as its full of really helpful tips and suggestions as is the Folksy blog. If you can’t get an answer it’s always worth posting a question on here you can usually get really good help in a short space of time. I’ve been selling for less than 12 months and have learned loads from the forum and blog.
Good luck and I wish you well
Di :grinning:

Thank you for the lovely welcome Di :smile: x

Welcome to Folksy and well done on making a sale so quickly. You have some lovely artwork in your shop and I’ve just favourited a couple. With a bit of luck that might give you a few minutes on the front page :smile:

Hi - I’m new on folksy since last night ! only a couple of listings so far but seriously considering upgrading as I think it will be more cost effective. If anyone has any advice or comments on my shop so far they will be gratefully received :slight_smile: I started crafting about five years ago but have always loved making things - I used to work in an infant school so always had a captive audience to try new things ! Look forward to hearing from other sellers - thank you - Jan

ooo thank you :wink: Is that how you get to the front page then? x

Hi Jan! I am new too :slight_smile: \good luck with it all my lovely x

There are various ways of getting to the front page. Most of the pictures are of Folksy favourites, which are items that Folksy have spotted and chosen as favourites (you need really well-photographed shots to stand a chance).

There are a couple of spots for recently favourited items, so if someone favourites an item of yours, it stands a chance of getting into one of these spots if it coincides with the pictures refreshing every few minutes. The other spot is for recently listed items. Again it’s just a case of being lucky with the timing and hoping the pictures refresh at the time you’ve just listed something.

Hope this helps explain things.

Thank you Helen, yes it does my lovely x

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hi Kemmyska -thank you for your message - good luck to you too :slight_smile: Your canvases are great - so colourful - I love Joy the chicken ! x

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Lizzie not sure that Folksy will be too happy at your offer to move people to a shop off Folksy. Not really terribly PC !