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Opening new shop

(LHDesigns) #1


im thinking of opening a shop selling chicken coats/sweaters Ive done a search for them and ive only found 1 the same with dog coats.

what do you think, would I get any sales etc


(Sasha Garrett) #2

Forgive my confusion, it is Sunday morning after all, the coats/ sweaters would be for chickens to wear? All the chickens in my area (there are several groups at the allotment) seem to do fine with their feathers and a coop. I suspect it will be a limited market.

(Rachel) #3

I remember knitting my hens coats, when my hens first came out of the battery farms - they hated the jumpers and I was really disappointed my hard work had gone to nothing, so they ended up living in the leanto until they had more feathers Good luck with your jumpers

(Margaret Jackson) #4

I don’t think there would be much of a market for them really. Even rescued chickens soon regrow their feathers I think.

(Rachel) #5

My girls didnt take long to grow their feathers but The Little Hen Rescue are asking for jumpers so some must need it - just not my girls :smiley:

(sejleather) #6

Well, as the saying goes … you won’t find out until you try :wink:

Good luck to you … I hope it works out :smiley: