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I'm having a CRISIS - Three cheers for all amazing husbands :) :)

All my Christmas dinner food is prepped as far as it can be.
Just decided to use up some left over sausage meat from stuffing balls and make some sausage rolls. Then use up the left over sausage roll pastry and make some mince pies. With me so far ?.

Shame my oven wasn’t. Switched it on boost which means it gets hot within 10 minutes then looked down after 15 and realised the light was still on and it was Not very Hot.

Bob now has the cooker in pieces on the kitchen floor and I dare not approach as I have a horrible feeling… did it once before - an element had gone… how do you get a new element for a Belling Cooker at 16.39 on Christmas Eve in time for Bob to fit it before I need to cook Christmas dinner for 8 tomorrow ?

(Have just made a list of everything which needs cooking and whether oven or cooker top so I can work out a Plan B… top oven, little oven in the motorhome on the drive, microwave… step-daughter’s kitchen 15 minutes away (I know she will be out !!) ??

Just wanted to pass you a virtual G&T and say that I wished you lived around the corner and you could all come to me. Could you not have Christmas at your step daughters house with you taking the food? Hope it works out ok - what a blooming nightmare xxx


I hope you get things sorted but please don’t stress too much about it, I’m sure your guests will understand if they don’t get all the food they were expecting, it’s not like Christmas is about food really is it?! Even if you just ended up with sandwiches, as long as you get to spend time together it’s ok and you’ll probably end up laughing about it. It’s not worth stressing over.

P.S. we’re having chicken soup for two tomorrow, that’s our Christmas dinner! :smile:

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@Louisa15 Thank you both.
I just need to add an update.

My husband Bob is absolutely blooming fantastic.
He just just stripped a part of the oven down and made some sort of connection to bypass the burnt out bit and my oven is now on and up to temperature and the mince pies and sausage rolls are in (not forgetting the left over pastry bits for the birds to which I added a bit of christmas treat cheese).

I can now breath again … and my family will be able to eat.



Yay! Bravo for Bob! Phew - am very pleased for you! xx

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Phew!!! I’m very relieved for you @JOYSOFGLASS :smile:

Bob is a HERO!! I also love your kitchen tiles Joy!

Hope you have a very Happy Christmas everyone!

Natalie xx

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I know just how you must have felt Joy, my cooker did the same thing a few weeks ago when I had the extended family coming for dinner. Just like your hero Bob, my hubby Roy managed to get it fixed in time for the meal to be cooked on time.
Bless all those hero hubbies…

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I’ve changed the title of this post :slight_smile:

PS: Just imagine if I hadn’t decided to make those sausage rolls today… I would only have discovered the oven had a problem when I switched it on first thing tomorrow morning, at which point I will have a houseful, to cook the turkey !
I call this Happy Happenchance :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


I sympathise this happened tp us some years ago on Christmas morning had to take food to sis in law who was coming to us
Sounds like you have some oven capacity tp fall back on we all overeat this time of year anyway.
Keep smiling. X

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Hooray for Bob - every house should have one (or one they can borrow if need be).
Enjoy your christmas feast.

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So pleased it all came together, could’ve been a nightmare! Brilliant having a hubby that can do these things.

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Happy to report the oven is still working away - fortunate as my daughter is currently using it to make a Christmas Pie = the left over Christmas dinner with pastry on top. :smile:
Hope everyone is having a lovely time :slight_smile:
I am.

Glad you got it sorted Joy :smile:

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wooohoooo Well done that man :smile:
So glad it all worked out for you both Joy and hope you are both having a brilliant time :slight_smile:

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Fantastic news!!! Hope you had a great day. :grinning:

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Glad things worked out for you and you managed to get everyone fed… including the birds. :smile: Have a great evening and best wishes to you and the hubster x

Thank you everyone. I am wondering how long I should leave it before suggesting maybe a new oven would be a good idea. Bob my husband is not an electrician, nor a builder, but he does a pretty excellent impression of being both, but when wires start burning out in the back of the oven is that perhaps a sign it wants replacing ?

We almost had a similar panic on New Years eve when storm Frank decided to hit and cut all our power, we were due to go next door to my parents with friends, it was a mad scramble in the barn to look for the gas camping stove.
Luckily it came back on in the afternoon.

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