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I'm lost and need a hand

(Denise Milward) #1

I’ve not been on Folksy for ages - a brain haemorrage last year and bilateral kidney stones this year have rather got in the way! I’m now getting back and I’ve been trying to access Folksy via Android 4.4.4(KitKat) and can barely get on. There’s no login on the Home screen (via Google)and even when I do get in I can’t find my shop. I have contacted Folksy but I know someone out there,busily crafting,will read this and possibly help a daft old lady (not that old but birthday soon makes me feel ages!) If you can offer anything positive please email me and de-frustrate me - I promise not to be in competition from my shop! I know it’s still “there” because Windows accesses all,but since my recent health probs I’ve taken to using a tablet - it’s easier on my back…

(Roz) #2

Not very helpful I’m afraid but I know I can’t access my folksy shop from my android phone as it says I need to update my browser to do so. Never bothered because i can use my ipad but maybe that’s what you need to do.

(Karen Ellam) #3

Hi Denise

Welcome back. :raising_hand_woman:
Sorry to hear about your haemorrage and kidney problems.
I’m using a Nexus tablet (android) with the same Kit Kat version as you are. I use google Chrome. I can’t really understand what’s causing your login issue.
Things have changed a lot here in the past few months, but that shouldn’t affect you accessing your shop!!! Erm… (Scratches head)… If everything seems present and correct from your PC I really am perplexed.

Sorry I couldn’t help.

Karen :deciduous_tree:

(Louise Grace Jewellery) #4

I’m using the chrome browser too on android and can get into folksy no bother. When you do get in there will be a drop down box to log in rather than the sign in link at the top of the page like you get on a desktop.

(Organized Chaos) #5

Hi Denise, I use a Kindle Fire as my tablet and I access Folksy via the Silk internet browser, not an app. That allows me to do most things although I still find my laptop easier for some things. Hope this helps

(Denise Milward) #6

Very belated thanks to everyone who replied to me back on 20 July…7 days after posting that plea for help I developed a ruptured appendix, so I hope you didn’t think I’d ignored it all. Getting over surgery etc takes a little while. If anyone knows who I offended to get all this health grief in 18 months, please tell him/her/it/them that I’m actually quite a decent person really!
I’m gradually finding my way around, though the dropping of the Recent Listings feature on the home page is a bit of a blow. I’ve, possibly wrongly, always thought that Recent Listings is a good hook for browsing visitors, but? Shame for me anyway.