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I'm Thinking Of Listing My Christmas Tree's

I’m thinking of listing my Christmas Tree’s here on folksy but there’s a couple of things I need to add to the listing to tell people and that’s they will be made to order and also the pots that they sit in won’t be the same as pictured. Do you think if I include that people will understand they won’t be identical.


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Hi Pauline

I think your Christmas trees look fab. I would start listing them. :slight_smile:
I added my first Xmas item last week. I want to be more organised this year as I was fairly new to Folksy this time last year and I didn’t really make enough themed items.
If you explain in your listing I’m sure customers will understand your trees won’t be identical.

Karen :honeybee:

love your tree Pauline, and yes this certainly is the right time to start listing Christmas creations and the fact
that each one is identical I think is wonderful as that means they are unique and no two people will ever have exactly the same tree :slight_smile:

I often wonder about listing items that are similar but not quite identical. Here on folksy if I have the item made I will often put it on as a seperate listing for each item which is made possible by the fact that I have folksy plus. If the item is made to order though there is no other way to do it. As long as you make it clear in the listing. I would make it a separate paragraph preceded by something like Please note.

As far as listing for Christmas, I have already started putting things in my shop. Seems a bit strange doing it in August but don’t want to miss the boat!

I started listing Christmas decorations a while ago, I was just a bit worried people don’t read the full description and think that they will all look like the picture.
I suppose I shall have to make it very clear like you said @Rozcraftz put it in bold letters if that’s easy to do.

Like Roz says a PLEASE NOTE and then the explanation of the differences right at the top of the description so it can’t be missed would work.

I’ve got that on my hedgehog dishes at the mo because the picture I’ve got is of a smaller saucer so the one the customer will actually get will be bigger so the design would have to be slightly bigger, so a bit different, to fill the extra space. Seems to be working ok.


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I agree with whats already been said. Great trees.

Thanks to everyone for their advice, taking it all on board.


I’ve listed my tree. Is there anything I’ve missed in the description which I should include.