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Help me in listing,

Hi Folksy shop owners,
I am new to this forum, I have started a shop couple of months ago in folksy. I need a help or advice from you all. I have posted few Christmas tree felt decorations, now if I check the Christmas decoration ( when you click find the perfect decoration on the homepage it takes you to a Christmas decoration listing page) my products were not found there mainly when I look them under £5 listing as my products were under £5 pounds. Can anyone please help with this issue.

Thank you
Olive Creative Crafts

Are you using the search bar or clicking on a folksy gift guide? If its the latter these only include a selection of items chosen by folksy admin. If you use the search bar your decorations should come up if you have given them appropriate titles and tags.

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The christmas decoration thing that you end up on when you click the link from the home page is curated by the folksy bods, you don’t automatically get included in it. Tips on what you need to do to get included can be found here:

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Thank you OrchardFelt and Sasha Garrett for your replies , Thank you for the link as well.I am going to look into it.


Hi Ani. I had a check on your Lavender Hair Clip to see where it was in the listings, and it is on page 3 at the moment. I couldn’t find any of your Christmas Decorations having checked 10 pages of listings, so I don’t know where they are, I choose the “under £5” section also but couldn’t see them in the first 6 pages, but I did notice that there were over 1,000 similar items in that section.

If you don’t opt for the Plus account each listing or re-listing has to be paid for. So if you list an item and then don’t relist it, say a week later, or whenever you can afford it will drop down the pages of listings. Those with the Plus account can list all their items every day if they wish, the effect of this is to push your listing further and further down the pages, thus your items soon only appear in the last pages, say page 10 or 11.

No-one will scan through and look at page 10 when they are looking for something, maybe a customer will search to pages 3 or 4, but I doubt they would search to page 10 to find what they are looking for. I’m afraid unless you have the Plus account so you can relist your items every few days, or you pay to relist your items on a regular basis, they will fall to the later pages.

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Thank you so much memicrafts for taking time to reply me and I really don’t know that I can re- list my products every few days to keep them in first few pages.I am not a plus member so I think opting for plus account and re listing will help me to get more daily views and sales hopefully :slight_smile::slight_smile:

The relevence of your tags to the search term that has been used will help keep you in the first few pages eg if I search ‘christmas tree decoration’ your felt christmas tree decoration is first on the page as the most relevant (and recent) listing for the search term. So before you go for a plus account and regular relisting try revamping your tags, this blog article should help or I got a friend to help me out by searching for my items on folksy whilst I made a note of what search terms they used and then went back and put those in as my tags.


You won’t ever be in the first page for all search terms (if you think about it that would be impossible for anyone) so the best thing to do would be to think of a very specific search term and optimise your listing for that. That’s the really hard thing to get right, but there is another thread

that is all about getting keyword ideas, as a fellow shop owner will suggest terms they think they would use themselves to find your item. That might be worth a go. :slight_smile:


Thank you for reply, yeah obviously I know I can’t be in the first page always​:wink: but I am trying to keep my products noticeable for customers , after I started to read some threads in forum it’s really useful for me . I will read keywords ideas thread as well, thank you.:slight_smile::slight_smile:

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