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Christmas listing

Only just listed my Christmas items ,thought they would expire before Christmas if I did it before.
Has everyone else already listed their Christmas stock am I a bit late.

Like you Judith @applebloomcrafts I listed my only Christmas item much earlier than I would think about Christmas shopping, because there is no point having it listed after Christmas, and I know posting dates for overseas are quite early. Think you are bang on time for listing, go for it
Suzzie x

I listed a couple of Christmas item a few months back but nothing has sold yet and I may not be listing anymore this year as I’m very busy else where and haven’t got time to make stock for either here or E—.

I have a few things listed.

I have a few things listed and a couple more to do yet. Last year most of my Christmas sales were the end of October and November. I’m a bit delayed getting some of my items done because I have had a big order for Christmas oven gloves (20 of them) which is taking most of my time at the moment!


I didn’t actually think about expiry dates for christmas! @thistledownandHOPE You make a really good point about not needing them listed after christmas - I feel I need to get a shimmy on now!

I listed my Christmas cards a couple of weeks ago, just in case there were any early birds! :slight_smile:

I’ve been listing Christmas cards for a few weeks now, no sales yet though

I’ve had some Christmas listing all year in fact I should my first Christmas item in June. I’m a wee bit late this year though as I know for those buying over the internet they have to take into consideration delivery times.

I did list a couple of Christmas themed teapot cosies and a set of Christmas tags. I have plenty of Christmas decorations available and I’m making more Christmas items at the moment. Just got a bit of a hold up due to waiting for some red bias binding that arrived this morning.

I have a few Christmas items listed and I sold one of them a couple of weeks ago as well so it’s definitely worth doing! :smile:

I made up most of my Christmas stock in August and listed it at the end of August/beginning of September to get the 4 month listing running out at Christmas although as I have a plus account it doesn’t really make that much difference!

Several of the big stores in town have complete Christmas displays out, with trees and tinsel and the works, If they are ready to sell Christmas then we should be too.