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Impact Express -anybody used them?

Has anybody used them & if so, any feedback. I’m looking to ship a hefty parcel of 2.5kg (eek, totally miscalculated my shipping profile too, this one may hurt) to the USA & their prices seem low but thats obviously only one consideration. Or any other shipping recommendations…I’m wondering whether to take the £15 loss & go with tried & tested parcelforce

Thank You

Hi Louise,
Yes, I have used them several times booked through Parcel2Go.
My house numbers are often over 2kg and I have not had a problem.
They say i think that it takes 3-6 working days but when youv’e booked it it changes to 5-10 working days, so don’t be suprised.
Also several parcels also show as still in transit when they have been delivered. Although it also says ‘driver confirmed delivery’ too!
One that I sent a few weeks ago was collected on Thursday and delivered (to Florida) on the followingTuesday!
So yes, I would give it a go! :relaxed:

Brilliant. Thanks ever so much x