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Suspicious email

(Marg) #1

I have just received an email purporting to come via Folksy. It was from “danilonkey” when I cliked on the link, they don’t have a shop on Folksy.
Anyway all the email said was “I have a question for you about your shop”. I am very suspicious of this, and don’t think Folksy should be forwarding to my email address such things, it’s unspecific, i.e. why didn’t they ask the question in the email.
Anyone had such an email. I have reported this to Folksy as spam. Marg.

(Rachel) #2

There is another thread with this on, it seems danilonkey is doing the rounds :frowning:

(Diane Burton) #3

Unfortunately Marg Folksy can’t ‘vet’ the messages, as soon as a ‘customer’ sends a message it will go directly to your email, the best thing to do if you think it’s suspicious is let Folksy admin know and check on the forums, if someone gets a message/enquiry they think is a scam/hoax they will often put it on here to warn others (usually in shop talk)

(Marg) #4

Thanks, I didn’t realise that, I thought they came via Folksy. I will be more suspicious of that type of email in the future. Marg.

(Stephanie Short) #5

Yep, I’ve had one this morning :angry: steph

(Suzzie Godfrey) #6

I also had one, but because there have been so many people warning us about them I knew what it was straight away. I was also suspicious about the line ’ if you reply to this email the recipient will automatically get your email address’, I didnt like that either, so I deleted it.
Be careful
Suzzie x

(Kate Adams) #7

I also had this email and decided to google danilonkey…she lives in Florida and offers to write a ‘100% honest review’ of your product on her blog. It looks like many people on Etsy have decided to take her up on this offer, but now she is targeting Folksy too. She expects you to send her one of her products for free and she will write about it on her blog! To be honest, I read a few and the reviews were completely based on her personal opinion, rather than from a commercial point of view. I could receive far better quality feedback from other Folksy sellers on the forum for free if I asked! I will not be replying or sending anything to her for free!

(Diane Burton) #8

That appears on all your messages, as it’s all done through email, as soon as you reply to any of them the recipient has your email address.