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Are you on Instagram?

I joined Instagram in January this year and I am increasing getting addicted, I LOVE IT! It’s such a lovely community and a great way to share your work, behind the scenes action and reach a wider audience.

Folksy and the lovely Viktorija from And Smile have created some great Instagram tips, have you read it?

Find my Instagram site here;

Please share your links so I can check out your lovely photos.

V x


I’ve signed up recently, here’s the link Don’t expect much yet though it’s still work in progress!!


Thank you for these links. I’ve been “umm-ing” and “ahh-ing” about joining Instagram. I can have a read now and think about it seriously!


i signed up a couple of days before that brilliant blog post was published - i wish i’d read that first!!

i’m really enjoying it though - so much pretty and none of the facebook type faff - looking forward to becoming awesome at it “soon” :wink:



I love Instagram. I’ve found so many talented and interesting people.
I look forward to reading the blog and looking at your lovely instagram links :grinning:

My link is:

Karen :grinning:


We thought you could only access it from a smartphone but just found you can access it from a PC.
Yet another thing to put on the ‘to do’ list :smile:

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Hi, @littleRamstudio , I’ve been wondering whether you could access it from a PC. How do you do that?


Hi Liz,
Not read it all, so haven’t tried it yet.

Thanks, guys, I’ve got the day off tomorrow, so will have time to check it out. Many thanks.


My Instagram is a bit confused I think! I set it up as Dottie Designs but it has become far more me, my life, my Slimming World journey with the occasional crafty thing! Feel free not to follow if you don’t want to see random food photos lol!

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I have been on IG for quite a while and have built up quite a large following which generate lots of sales both direct and to my Folksy shop. Must work on my own hashtag now.
I love it, it is addictive if your nosey but there is such a community feel to it. Give it a go.


I dunno about instagram. Havent got one and dunno if i should get an account.

Have been inspired by the folksy blog posts (always was a late adopter), so am following all now. Not really worth looking at mine yet…so far only a moody pic of MrHbyH (which he’ll probably be cross about if I don’t remove).

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Not sure I understand the use of hash tags though (oh, I know they’ve been around for ages, but like I said, I’m a very late adopter!). Can anyone explain them to me…simply!?

Not an expert, but on IG you can search for things via hashtags. The search section is the second icon along the bottom on IG page (does that help).

I really need to get #handcraftedlove going as my hash tag. Some customers have already used it for me and if I search #handcraftedlove photos of my creations come up (plus other junk tho).


Hi, I am on Instagram here and I love it!

Just joined Instagram. No clue what im doing but managed to follow everyone :smile:

Karen xx

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I’ve just been researching a bit to try and understand how Instagram works. I read this article which talks about the licensing implications of the images you share and wondered if anyone had any thoughts on it.

Just joined instagram today

Joined a few weeks ago
Sara x x

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