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Instagram. Can anyone help me?

Hi all.
I’m thinking of getting onto instagram
But I don’t know how it works.
Is it easy to use,
Will it have all the photos I have on my mobile on it? Or only what I put on to it?
Can anyone help?
Thank you!

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I’ve never used it, but here’s a thread all about it which may help,

Here’s another one,

If you search the forum for ‘Instagram’ there’s loads of info on here :smile:


You upload only the photos you want to. Here’s mine

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It’s just like Twitter for photos. You put whatever you want up, and can add a comment and hashtags. The hashtags work in the same way as they do on Twitter. It’s super easy.
I use various social networks and Instagram is my favourite- I much prefer the community on there.


Is it less addictive than Facebook? I frequently go onto there (and here!) intending to leave a quick comment or two and find myself still on 2 hours later! I’ve had a quick read through the links Margaret added and it sounds quite good :slight_smile:


I think I have started following you.
I’ll list something in a minute.
I’m abit.shocked I joined hahaha

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I’m up and running (really slowly more a crawl)
My instagram name is beaded.treasures if anyone fancies following me.

I’m really starting to like instagram- I find it so useful in editing my photo’s too! And they are the perfect size for Folksy so win win! You only upload those you want to upload, not all will go on it don’t worry. Use hashtags that relate to your picture and you’ll slowly pick up followers. You can also link it to twitter and facebook etc if you wanted to.

Here’s my link I’m also new so bear with me!

I have started following you.
How do you do hashtags

Thank you!

When you upload a picture there will be a space to write something about it. I then just use the hashtag # and write something that relates, e.g if I uploaded a baby summer hat I would hashtag #baby #summer #crochet #hat #babygift for example. It works very similar to tags, basically! And then you can click on a hashtag and it will show you lots of other items with that particular hashtag. It becomes very addictive!

Hope that’s helps a little. I’m not too good with explanations!


Thanks. I have added some. Hopefully it helps

I have been on instagram a few months now, fortunately my daughter helped me and set me up on instagram, I highly recommend instagram, I love the fact you can sellbyour crafts but for me its opend up a way of speaking with friends family who are also on instagam, not all are sellers but its being able to to interact with so many different people. I actually prefer it to Facebook.

I can see me staying instance craft, I love it, I have quite a few follower.

Wow you have loads of followers.
I have started following you

I’m loving Instagram still newish to it but love flicking through seeing what people have made. I also have had some help from followers about crochet (I have noticed my feed is lots of crochet folk) :laughing:

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I think I am following you.
Instagram is turning out to be lots of fun.
I’m slowly listing all my items from my shop.
I have found a few folksy people and started following them.

I’m following you now :blush:

Thankyou. I keep getting messages on my mobile. Makes you feel popular :smiley: hahaha

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I’ve heard it’s just for smart phones, not something I can have on my lap top. Is this right? I hope not because I don’t bother using my mobile for anything other than a quick call to say"where are you?"

I’m sure you can use it on the pc.
I had to set everything up on its proper site then go to the mobile app version.

you can use it on the pc in various ways. I use it via Chrome, which has limited functionality, but enough to check if my phone is downstairs!