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Instagram question!

Hi, could anyone help me with this please. After trying for so long to follow insta hepl page with this, have failed to delete this icon from my insta page.

I have no idea how i saved it in the beggening and the icon content has nothing to do with my work too lol so its just annoys be that its there lol.
Thankyou so much.

Click on the “saved” box then it will show you what you have saved. The bookmark type icon that I’ve circled will be underneath it and coloured white. When you touch it, it should turn black and “unsave”.
I hope that helps.

I can’t see your saved posts on you IG page when I look at it so it doesn’t really matter if the posts you have saved are work related or not. You can do what Rosy suggests and delete your saved posts but the ‘saved’ section will remain (I’ve just tried it on my account).


Thankyou for your help.But for some reason the tag icon has frozen or something thats why i am unable to save or unsave any post. I guess i should leave it for now. Thanks:)

Thankyou :slight_smile:

Try uninstalling and then reinstalling instagram, every so often it gets stuck in a loop for me and I end up doing that to clear the issue.

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You could try switching your phone off for a few minutes. That sometimes helps if apps are misbehaving.

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Oh yeah will try that thanks:)

Thankyou for your suggestion:)

You’re welcome. Hopefully, it’ll work because sometimes it’s the simplest fix :blush:

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