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Craft Insurance

(OhMyFelt) #1

If any of you have craft insurance can you let me know which you use or any advice?

My insurance is coming to an end, I think I want one that covers craft fairs.

(Deborah Jones) #2

I use G M Imber & Sons about £55 pa

(OhMyFelt) #4

Thanks. I’ll check it out!

(Diane Burton) #5

I use Direct Line, covers me for craft fairs and posting online sales within the EU

(Liz Clark) #6

I use Ian Wallace, who cover online and craft fair sales, and sales to the US too (but you need to state this so they can list it in your policy).

There is also CMTIA but they do state a certain percentage of sales has to be via a fair (i.e. face to face) rather than just online. So make sure you check the T&Cs of whoever you choose.

(Amberlilly) #7

I use Ian Wallace too, you can sell to the U.S. as long as you tell them. CMTIA, when i rang them said no to on-line.

(Sams Gemstone Jewellery) #8

I used to Ian Wallace as well.

(Denise Hayes) #9

Ian Wallace wants at least 20% of your sales to be to the US/Canada so you need to be careful about being accurate about where your sales are going to… I had to go through and check the amount for the quote.

And for me they wanted £211. Not an option. I get insurance through which is included in the membership. You’ll be hard pressed to find any UK insurer willing to insure for US sales without charging an arm & a leg due to the high costs of defending any claim long distance.

(Amberlilly) #10

I’ve have used a-n and its too good to be true! Lol. @lookingglassdesigns in fact I went to use them this year and thought mmm???am I really entitled to it, I don’t do many fairs and haven’t done a pop up shop for a year, only thing I did which fitted their criteria was a fun raising event. So thought better of it. Need to get my act together if I’m to go back!

(Denise Hayes) #11

I emailed them about textiles - knitting and crochet designers specifically – and they basically said that they expected people to police themselves and be honest about whether they fit the criteria - I design more and more of what I sell, which fits their criteria, as I am not just copying other people’s patterns.

(Amberlilly) #12

Yes, @lookingglassdesigns I did the same, with same reply Lol. Because I think what I make and sale is fine, I just never fitted in with exhibiting and private viewings or something like that. If I had done a few fairs like I did previous years and pop up shops like I had done, then I would’ve been fine, I just never felt I could justify using them for this current year. I am looking for more opportunities this year, if I can get myself in gear!

(Liz Clark) #13

@Looking Glass Designs1

Ian Wallace wants at least 20% of your sales to be to the US/Canada so you need to be careful about being accurate about where your sales are going to… I had to go through and check the amount for the quote.

I specifically asked Ian Wallace about selling to the US and they said yes as long as they noted on the policy that I was doing so. They have not specified anything about a percentage of sales being a criteria, and mine is only £71 per annum too so I’m quite surprised by your quote and restrictions.

(Denise Hayes) #14

The restriction came up when I filled in for a quote, it said something like ‘sorry, we can’t insure you’ when I ticked ‘no’ to the question: are at least 20% of your sales to the US/Canada and are they less than £10,000 of your turnover? If I ticked yes, I could continue. part of the quote is based on how much stock you have on hand as well and I"m not sure I put in the amount they were looking for, but even without that amount, the quote was still over £100.

(Amberlilly) #15

I think you have to speak with them as i did the quote on-line. I can’t remember the % of U.S sales, but I have been selling more lately with the U.K which i do prefer anyway. which is another reason why I like folksy, it atracts more Brits.
but I am going to try an do a-n next year, see if I can fit their critera better LOL

(Liz Clark) #16

I did it all on the phone with them which was good as they talk you through everything. :slight_smile:

(Louise Foot) #17

I too use Ian Wallace. Coming up for renewal & I don’t plan to look elsewhere

(OhMyFelt) #18

I may have to ring up, I’ll do some estimations first. Most my orders are uk but some are America/Australia/Europe. Mainly online, even stock in shops is usually paid for over PayPal so even that is an online transaction.

Thanks for the help everyone. My last insurance was £60 for the year but I wasn’t doing craft fairs then. They said renewel would be £150, so thought I’d shop around.

(Nadine Angela) #19

Hi @OhMyFelt,
and everyone else who’s looking for insurance. I realise this may be a little late in the day for you personally but I thought I’d post anyway as it may be useful for other people who might read this thread.
@Amberlilly has said she has used Artists-Newsletter in the past for insurance. I can’t agree more it’s fantastic. It’s only £36 per year and not only do you get insurance but you get access to their legal reps if you need it. By just selling on Folksy you have already completed one of their requirements, if anybody has ever asked you to make a piece especially for them that is another, and if you use craftjuice, as it’s a review of your work on and arts website I honestly think that covers you for their criteria.
it would be a shame for people to have to pay so much more when they can get access to what is not only the best insurance around for artists but has so much more to offer as well.
Hope that helps some one out there.

(Amberlilly) #20

Thanks @IndigoForge I shall remember this for next year. I just felt I didn’t fit, but I suppose it depends how you see it?

(TandMArtsandCrafts) #21

Golly I will be looking at these companies next year!