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Spring decorating anyone?

Hi all , anyone decorating at the moment.

Having a bit of a revamp throughout house and this week working on our largest room which is a 8m by 8m L shape with a family TV area at one end, then dining area and kitchen open plan space. The TV end is right in middle of house and quite dark so rather than still having cream ( to lighten it) we have decided to ‘go with the flow’ and go much darker - we love it ! make its so mouch more cosy. This was the space at the start of the week - I have since also repainted the orange wall with a more yellow/mustard colour.

If you know me / my shop you will know I am VERY keen on vintage fabric so that is often a start point for me when designing at home. This is the fabric which is going to feature - Heals barkcloth circa late 60s’ by Jyoti Bhomik - and so we had paint ( grey and lighter mustard) custom mixed . Generally we have a bit of a late 60s/70s thing going on LOL

Would love to see your decorating pics and inspirations too !


Oh I LOVE that fabric.
Please show finished room when its done.
We have just moved back to our own home (we had to rent for a while), and I am trying to fit everything back in! So decorating is a bit on the back burner for awhile, but I have plans…
But for the mo’ this is what I am up against, as we are literally stuff to the ceiling,

Suzzie x


Suzzie, I am in the same boat as you moreorless. We moved back last July and half the house is still uninhabitable - so all our stuff is crammed into sitting room bed etc. I feel like a hoarder. Having to use the back lobby as a kitchen. I don’t know why it makes me feel better to see someone else in a similar situation.


Love that fabric!


This is such an interesting thread!

I’ve caught the upcycling bug at the moment and am painting this 1940s writing desk in tones of banana yellow, as an antidote to all the grey outside.
Meanwhile, my ‘‘helper’’ is blotto!

Sarah x


Just finished the spare room. Particularly love my new, made by me, Harris Tweed lampshade. Anyone want to visit?


I’m in the same place as Suzzie and Sarah as we still haven’t finished all the building work and re decorating.

We are now plastering the main wall in the conservatory. The old sofa and arm chair that were only fit for the dip have been broken up and taken to the recycle tip. So now I have a bit more room in my living room.

I can’t wait for it all to be finished and for everything to be put in the correct place

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My studio in RAMMED wit stuff which is why I am not crafting at the moment! the front room, replastered and redecorated - ‘helped’ by my hound - is still full of shower cubicle stuff - to be fitted at weekend. Oh well it will be worth it !

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love it! glad to see the cat it putting the effort in LOL

we have had 2 extensions and a studio build, complete rewire, replumb, new kitchen and bathrooms , new roof in last 10 years - yup quite the ’ do’er up’er" but we did similar on last house so I am quite used to it now! - plus Dad was a builder and I used to do a bit of decorating for him in my teens so it doesn’t bother me.

very lovely calm colour scheme !:slight_smile:

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Thanks ! I don’t lack for fabrics that’s for sure lol!

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Don’t remind me, have put of decorating for the last 2 years, bathroom, hall and kitchen to do, will have to start later this year. Used to love decorating, but not anymore, just like the end result. Have fun decorating everyone! :slight_smile:

I really do love painting so that helps I guess :slight_smile:

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I haven’t got any wallpaper up except for the headboard wall in the bedroom. I muck prefer to paint and up to now I’ve done everywhere white. Only 2 rooms left, the kitchen and living room. I use accent colours with things like throws, cushions etc I also have quite a few fairy lights around that give a lovely glow :slight_smile:

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we do have some vintage wallpaper on a feature wall

  • and I think we may have a bit more put up in hallway ( white/purple/blue) too

My husband built a loft extension last summer on our Victorian terrace house … he did a lovely job and the outside is finished in slate work, but work had to stop because he was so busy (he’s a plasterer). He’s about to start again in the next few weeks - I can’t wait! When it’s done we will have our bedroom up there with a wet room and office/studio. Did I mention I can’t wait!? :slight_smile:


That could easily be my helper (same colour, same pose!) Glad to see she(?) has her own Sherbet Patch vintage bed! :slight_smile:


Hehe don’t we all get that decorating bug starting January, just finished the bathroom this morning, apart from adding new voile over window its done :slight_smile:



This has reminded me that the OH and I have been saying that we will redecorate the living room since we moved in … in 2005… not sure it’s ever going to happen much to my sister’s dismay as she really doesn’t like the pale terracotta colour but we’ve gotten used to it.

Wow, love it.

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