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Is it just me and both my computers or is Folksy Slow?

I have two different computers, One is Windows 10, a desktop using Chrome and the other Windows 7, a laptop, also using Chrome.
I have noted that of all the websites I use Folksy, of late, last month or so, has been slow… slow enough that when I press the button to take me into my shop I have pleenty of time to look again to see why it has not got there yet. Far too frequently my screen shows “waiting for Folksy” bottom left.

Is it just me ?
As this is the quiet season that is not really a problem but if it continues into the Silly Season then it could become one.

No it’s not just you I’m finding it slow as well Joy, Windows 7 desktop using Chrome.

I think Folksy needs a rocket under it this weekend.
So slow to pull up the front pages, change from my shop front to dashboard I could go to the bathroom and be back before all the photos have formed. :wink:

Hope this means that there are lots of people browsing :slight_smile:

I’m finding the same, front page photos taking ages to load, been like it since Friday.

Hope you’re right Joy, lots of traffic.

Goodness me Folksy is so slow I’m managing a couple of dreams before my page appears. Hope customers have a bit of time on their hands.