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Is there any specific reason that Folksy is so very slow and has been now for days…I could put the kettle on between hitting my shop URL icon and actually seeing my shop or the Home page appear.
I have to say that in all honesty, it is the slowest site of any website I ever use…
Please… if you can speed it up …do…
@folksycontent @dougfolksy

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Hi, Joy – I’m really sorry to hear the site seems to be struggling for you.
Could you let me know roughly when you’re seeing this? Is there a particular time or times you could point to? Looking into our various monitoring tools I can see a couple of load spikes from yesterday but they quickly scaled and resolved themselves – they weren’t enough to trigger any of our alerts.
I’ve been testing your shop page myself and it’s fine at the moment, although that doesn’t mean it wasn’t for you, of course. Is it okay for you, too, at the moment?
I’m continuing to monitor overall site performance but your seeing issues that I’m not aware of is worrying. Thanks very much for letting us know and if there’s any extra information about when and where on the site you saw issues that would be really helpful.
And again, I really do appreciate your feeding back this sort of thing.

It seems ok for me today but it was slow over the weekend.

It has been intermittently slow for days, or weeks really but now getting worse. Any time, day or night.
I just timed it to get to my shop from my desktop link…14 seconds, that is pretty normal. I often hit the button then go to another site to do something else while it comes up…
I don’t expect an instantaneous response but nor do I really want it to take so long for my shop to appear that I fear a customer would go elsewhere.

For comparison Pinterest takes 3 seconds, my own Joysofglass website 2 seconds, Ancestry 2 seconds, IG 2 seconds, Paypal 2 seconds, Amazon / Ebay 1 second, FB 3 seconds… you get the general idea… compared to 14 seconds. here.

I am by the way on my windows 10 Chrome laptop with lots and lots of memory but I notice the same on any of my devices, Androod phone or Windows 10 Chrome desktop. Perhaps you could ask others to time their’s ?
Joy xx

PS just hit sold items in my shop and it took 12 seconds…

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@JOYSofGLASS, @DaisyWings
Hmm. Okay, thanks for that. Maybe the brief spikes I can see for yesterday had more of an effect than I calculated.
I’ll keep monitoring the system and profiling anything that looks like it might be processing slowly.
If you see the slow load again, could I ask that you post the time and how long it took, here? That’ll give me a narrower window of time to query.
And once again, thank you ever so much for helping with these things!

Oh, just an additional question for you, @JOYSofGLASS.
Do you mean that your shop would normally take 14 seconds to load?
Is that what you’re still seeing, now?
I’ve currently got it loading consistently in under 2 seconds, this being after recent work to speed up the shop pages considerably whilst we’re under heavier load for Christmas.
If you’re still seeing a much longer load time when I’m not, that could be a clue, too.

I just came back in again and it was 2 seconds… Today’s 14 seconds is extra slow but it really has been pretty slow more times than fast for a while now.

Thanks @JOYSofGLASS.
I’ve been investigating and I have found a couple of instances in the slow query log that could indicate a couple of occasions where your shop page loaded slowly.
They usually run really quickly but not on these couple of occasions. The next job is to work out what slows them down when they run slowly and then to see if I can fix it or work around it.
I’m continuing my investigations but I thought I’d let you know where I’m up to, especially seeing as you’re always kind enough to not only report these things but help us diagnose them! :slight_smile:

Thanks Doug
Certainly not as slow when I came back in (to mark 2 orders as posted :slight_smile: ) .
I didn’t mention but I do have pretty fast Broadband or rather fibre wotsit speed…
I note that my page is always a full page with 60 listings… I wonder if some shops with only 20 listings would be quicker …but… it’s not as if my
page comes up and forms slowly… it comes up slowly but perfectly formed :slight_smile:

That would certainly make sense – the main query I have my suspicious eye on does quite a bit of filtering and counting, so it would be on larger shops that we’d expect to see issues when they arise.
It would also help explain the intermittency.
I’m looking at ways of improving the efficiency of the code, there, and maybe caching some of the results.

Doug… On my phone at the moment 10am and counting 9 seconds of blank screen after hitting my shop link x

I see it, it was just slow first time for me, too.
My main job for today is working around the query identified yesterday so hopefully we’ll see the back of this.
Thanks, Joy!

10 seconds on laptop at 16.59 xx

Hello! I’ve just pushed what I’ve been working on today.
I’ve moved the intensive work of the query to another service which should be able to handle it more efficiently and in turn reduce consumption of resources generally.
It’s tough to tell with an intermittent problem like this but that should have fixed it.
Let me know if I need to go back to the drawing board! :slight_smile:
I’ll keep an eye on the various logs to see if the issue has vanished like I think it should have.
And thanks again for feeding back on this so patiently, Joy.

Doug I just came back in again and didn’t get round to must have been fast
:slight_smile: … fingers crossed…

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Oh dear 26 seconds at 21.35… the rest of the time all I had was a blank screen with my url showing…

Hmm. There’s nothing obvious in the logs so far to explain that. I’m having a deeper look…

Hi, Joy. I’ve found a couple of errors around that time that could be related, so that’s something I’ll be keeping an eye out for. More generally, I’m having a look at replicating yesterday’s work with a few more queries. I’m not seeing anything specifically related to anyone’s shop pages around that time but it could be that query load in general wasn’t helping – there are a couple of suggestions in the logs that suggest that.

Doug it does seem to be consistently pretty slow and markedly slower than other sites I use. 15 seconds this time… Into John Lewis which has a 20% sale on in 1 second…

Doug Reason I haven’t given you any timings is that I’m up to my ears as I have a fair all weekend and first since March and I’ve had to change all my labels as I no longer do country markets. (glad about that their labels were awful but quite a task).
It is still fearsomely slow… if I get any response within 10 seconds I consider myself lucky. I had 6 sales last night and I can only say I have very patient customers.