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Is this a good idea

(Eileens Craft Studio) #1

I have a bag full of plastic beads with the large hole centre that children use to make necklaces. I wonder would it be an idea to pack them up as childrens crafting beads packs with maybe cords to string them onto. And market them as Crafts for children?

(Deborah Jones) #2

I’m sure kids would love them - but is it entering a area that is full of regulations? Anything aimed at children seems to come with a multitude of hoops to jump through.
If not then it’s worth a try.

(Kelly) #3

Hi Eileen @EileensCraftStudio, I think it’s a great idea to do, I don’t even know of a girl that doesn’t like to play with beads making jewellery! However I do agree with what Deborah @DeborahJonesJewellery has said. Perhaps it’s worth seeing if you can check it out online and if all is fine, you go girl! x

(Eileens Craft Studio) #4

Yep this is what I wondering about. I know these beads are sold in packs for children to use however I worry they might end up in the hands of little one’s who might miss use them. ie into the mouth, nose, ear etc etc.

(Kelly) #5

Well if they are for children I’d go ahead and make packs up like you said in your first post. As for the little ones, that would be down to each individual parent to make sure they don’t get a hold of them. Don’t worry about it. x

(NataliaBraga) #6

Tricky question! As an ex-preschool teacher, I know only too well how complicated things like this can be!

Personally, I’d stay on the safe side and not target children under the age of 14.

Here’s a link which could help:

(NataliaBraga) #7

I just skimmed a bit of the legislation and it seems there might be an exception for jewellery…? But that might only apply to assembled “fashion accessories” as opposed to those “for play”…?

However, please note that I am not a lawyer and you would have to seek professional advice to find out for sure.

(NataliaBraga) #8

Apparently there are also regulations around testing plastics for acceptable levels of lead, cadmium and nickel: