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Issue adding new colours on ipad

I’m trying to list items with unusual colour combinations - the colours need to be listed as ‘Pink/Green Mix’ ‘Red/Yellow Mix’ etc. when I type those into the colours box and press enter, I get the notification telling me that they will be added to my item page, and if more people use them they will be added to the lists. However, when I go to publish the listing, it tells me there Re errors with the colours and it will not publish. Can I get around this? I can’t list them as single colours because there are some similar ones that need to be distinguished from each other. Any help gratefully received!

It might be the / symbol that it doesn’t like. Try replacing it with a dash or a space and see if that works.

The colours are only used for searching, I think, so it wouldn’t matter if they’re not completely accurate.

Thanks, I’ll try without. The trouble is, I want to list them all in one listing, so the colour descriptions have to be accurate otherwise it’ll be confusing.

You could just list them in the description instead. Buyers can’t select a colour when ordering, they will just have to add a note or let you know another way.

Oh, I didn’t know that, thanks. It seems really illogical not to let people select a colour though, I’d have thought Folksy would support such a simple feature. I suppose they want you to list everything separately so they get more from listing fees. Ho hum.