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It really *is* worth getting proof of posting!

It really is worth getting those proof of postings.

One of my mini paintings was lost in the post recently so, customer service being paramount, I duly did another one and sent it off to my customer who was a very happy bunny.

I then rather pessimistically filled in the online Royal Mail lost item claim form, submitting a photo of my proof of posting together with a link to the sold item…and lo and behold, today I received a cheque for the full amount! It was easy!


I tend to send any items with a value greater than £10 by signed for posting. Interestingly of the last 5 items I have sent “tracked” 3 of them still show “in transit” several weeks/months later when I track them. I have had no correspondence from the buyers so assume items have arrived otherwise I would expect a complaint but it does rather make a mockery of the whole system.

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I always ask for the proof of posting receipt and staple it to a copy of the order for my file records just in case anything happens. Thankfully so far everything has gone smoothly, although I did notice my last proof of posting info hadn’t been keyed in properly by the post lady. The postcode was wrong by one letter. I didn’t notice it until I got home, but it did worry me. So it is worth checking your receipts before you leave the post office. I don’t know where I would stand if the item got lost.

Glad you got reimbursed Stephanie @StephanieGuy :



I’ve had two of my very few tracked items, not tracked and still forever at the post office where I posted them. Customers both emailed next day after posting to say thank you parcel received.
I contacted Royal mail - took a minute to find an email address but found one eventually. First time I got all my £7+ postage back, 2nd time I got a book stamps. Go for it.

Joy xx
PS Try this email address

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Since I had an item go missing in the post I send everything £10 or more signed for…and proof of posting for everything less than £10

Same here, always get proof of posting as had lost parcels, and Royal Mail will refund - well i got part refund so at least that is better than nothing.

Last week I saw the postman walk up to our house, saw him push post through the letter box, and I went to pick it up.
One was a signed for letter, he didn’t even ring the bell just pushed it through. Several hours later when I went outside there was a parcel on the doorstep. This postman obviously couldn’t be bothered to ring or knock for either of these items, even though I was at home.
Surely this letter must still be showing as undelivered in the system somewhere. I agree it’s worth getting proof of postage, but why don’t they get signatures for signed for post.

Wow, well done for Royal Mail. I always get a p o p! You never know? Not had to use it yet and fingers crossed I never will, but good to hear they are true to their word!

I currently have 3 paintings “lost” in transit to the US (from another shop not Folksy)…they were posted on Feb 3rd. The customer has been lovely and we are giving it until 30th and then I will refund her…so I might be having to see if the post office will refund me…

I get so infuriated with paying an extra £1.10 for signed for, only to have it not signed for, I’ve started complaining to Royal Mail each time it happens, and each time they send me a book of 6 first class stamps by way of an apology :smile:


I’ve never really thought of getting a proof of postage just been a little to confident in royal mail.

After reading these posts I will next time I finally get a sale :blush:

I had 2 letters that were meant to be signed for just pushed through the letter box when I was at home… they were addressed to 123 which is my house number but a street name which was 2 roads away from me !!! One was from a bank and the other was from the inland revenue so both were clearly important letters. Its one thing if the postman can’t be bothered to ring the doorbell but one that can’t read street names isn’t much good !!!

Wow this is all very useful. I had never considered proof of posting either, but I think now I shall.
Really I have been avoiding going to the post office and printed the postage out at home as my local post office is always excruciatingly slow, but it is a risk to run every time.

I have so far always replaced items that get lost in the mail - but it does grate when I have paid for the service…

I used to get proof of posting when the parcels I sent were few and far between and a trip to the post office was perhaps a twice a week event.
These days I post several items most days and as I print the postage direct from the Royal Mail website, its more convenient to just pop them in the post box. Obviously, just because you print your postage off doesn’t mean proof of postage, but so far…so good. Fingers crossed!

Yes, IMHO it is worth getting proof of posting, either using sign for, international tracked, international tracked and sign or simply a receipt issued by the PO with the address on.

I was hit by a paypal credit card charge back last month. Because I had a proof of posting (not just a money receipt, but a printed certificate with the address on), I was covered by paypal’s seller protection and so didn’t loose money.

Love xxx


Golly I got told that proof of posting wan’t enough it had to be tracked before they would do anything! I had a parcel go missing, but as my customer was about to go on holiday for 5 weeks she told me not to bother making another until she got back, luckily when she got back it was sat on the mat!
I will remember tho that taking a photo of the proof of postage work should I ever need to.

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Was it tracked to the US? If you go to the USPS website, track the item and click get email updates the parcels sometimes suddenly start moving again.

@Nanfan proof of posting does not cover jewellery items for reimbursements - special delivery or the intrnational equivalent are the only services they will refund lost jewellery for.

I still find it comes in handy for delivery queries though.


I know @DeborahJonesJewellery , thanks. They like to keep telling me that at the local post office. BUt sometimes I wish I just had something to show impatient customers.

I’m like Tilly - the more parcels you send the less you feel you have time to wait in line.
But today I pay for my lazyness and send ring number two to Rome. The first custom made, custom inscribed one went missing. Sigh. I am switching to tracked for everything now that goes out of the country with a value above £40.

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I always send everything signed for now. As I was told by Royal Mail that unless it is signed for there is no guarantee you will be refunded if it goes missing.