Folksy Ltd

Item sold out and unavailable

(Susan Mochrie) #1

I’ve just spent time on google to see where my Folksy shop ranks with my items. I’m finding a lot of old listings, which are sold out or unavailable. It would be great if I could edit or re-list the item from that very same listing. They’re no longer available to re list from the sold item in my dashboard. I would like access to all the listings I’ve ever made on here, as I’d also like to remove or edit some photos which are constantly being stolen by far East sellers.

(Sasha Garrett) #2

Have a look in the expired section of your listings rather than the out of stock/ sold section - my old/ sold listings are in there probably because I’ve never deleted any of them.

(Susan Mochrie) #3

Thanks Sasha, the items I’m looking for are only in my sales, sold out and there’s no way to access them unfortunately x