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Its Bye Bye to the Jewellery making

(Debbi) #1

I want to let you all know that i wont be making jewellery no more…i have called it a day…its a upsetting time just now and missed emotions and i sell all my items and tolls jewellery designs etc… i am however venturing in to something new…so i will still be around and have my shop with new items very soon…

I want to thank you who have visited,favourited and bought from me…

if you are looking for discounted jewellery i am on Facebook selling off my designs hope this is allowed :confused: if not i will remove it…

(Julie Maginn) #2

That’s sad to hear Debbi, I have a lovely necklace and pair of earrings that I bought from you on here!! I hope you find happiness in whatever you decide to do next. I look forward to seeing what is to come. Best of luck to you.
Julie x

(Debbi) #3

Thank you Julie…i am going down a different path doing housewares and accessories…will need to get started first though :wink: xx i am keeping my shop and business name so just new items to show and less work opening a new shop etc…i cant wait to get started…:smiley:

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(Marg) #4

Good luck Debbi. with your new shop, looking forward to seeing your new stock.

(Julie Maginn) #5

It is exciting!! When I first started I more or less just did cards which I loved but accidentally fell into painting and my love of doing home décor and artwork far outshines my love of card making!! Although to be fair I do still make cards, I didn’t completely change like you have done, but at the time it was a big change of direction for me and now I am enjoying it no end! In fact now when I do make cards I enjoy it more because I am not trying to make them by the hundreds like I once was. You may find the same. Whatever you do, just enjoy it. :slight_smile: