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This is where it ends

I’m chucking out my pewtering tools. I know I’ve announced this before, but I really can’t face doing one more piece…
Look out soon for my destash of cabochons and findings- I may even make up a couple of rudimentary kits if any of you want to try it out.
Meanwhile, there is still 20% off in my shop until the end of September with code HAPPY2.

Hi Christine

Sorry to hear that, but I think I understand where your coming from. You’ve got to enjoy the process of making something. It should never feel a chore.

I shall always cherish the lovely cuff bracelet I have of yours. It’s one of my favourite pieces in my jewellery box, and I always have nice compliments when wearing it.

Karen x

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Hi Christine - I’ll be so sad not to see your beautiful creations on here anymore :frowning:
Honestly, you have been a constant inspiration to me over the years with the high standard of work you produce.

I know that you have given this lots of thought and tell me to bugger off if you want but wouldn’t it be an idea just to store all of your tools away just in case your Mojo comes flooding back?
I know that when I had a self imposed break from pottery when my boys were young, I didn’t miss it at first but after a year or so, I was longing to get back to making again and I would have regretted getting rid of my kiln etc.

On the other hand if you have grown to hate it, then a fresh start is no bad thing. Are you still going to have some kind of creative outlet or are you giving it all up altogether?


Thanks, Karen! So glad you like the cuff! You’re right, making shouldn’t feel like a chore, and that’s just what it’s become…

Wow, thanks Sarah!
I have actually announced on a previous occasion that I was going to stop, but every time I sold something I’d think “Must make another of those!” so it just went on and on.
I’m sure I’ll continue making something, not sure what at the moment. I’ve tried other things, but they haven’t been as successful as the pewter.
I’ve never made a lot of money from this, so perhaps I won’t worry much if the things I make don’t sell :slight_smile: I’m lucky I’ve got an OH who has always had a proper job to pay the bills!

Sad to hear this Christine but like you say when it becomes a chore it’s best to stop and find something else. Looking forward to see what you create next :slight_smile:

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Please don’t go Christine, put your tools away, have a break. But don’t get rid of them, you’re work is lovely and unique. Try something different whilst your tools are in storage, because if your creative, you may want to do something with your hands anyway, but if after say 5 years they’re just gathering dust and you really know you won’t touch them again, then pass them on to someone who will get excited about using them.

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Sorry to hear you’re giving up making your gorgeous pewter items. Like Karen I have one of your beautiful cuffs and it has been much admired whenever I wear it.
Lynn x


Thanks so much for your kind comments everyone, but I’ve put my tools away before, and when I’ve been tempted to get the out again, I immediately think “I’m not enjoying this! Why am I doing it?” :slight_smile:
I’m definitely staying here, though. It will take a while for my pewter to thin out, and I may add to my shop with something different. Who know? :slight_smile: I have a cupboard full of craft stuff I haven’t used for years!
Meanwhile, I’m going to photograph the book I used to learn the craft, and put it on here under “supplies”. Perhaps one of you might like to take it up!


Can’t find it!..:grin:


I shall be so sorry to see your things not shown on here any more…are you going completely? I hope note and if you are closing your shop, I hope you can still come on here to chat.
I know how it feels to be fed up with making the same type of things…have you noticed, that I sometimes paint, sometimes crochet and sometimes make cards…it helps to stop the madness…lol.
take care x

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So sorry to hear this Christine. I’ve loved seeing your amazing creations on here and will miss them. I can completely understand though. There’s no point doing it if it feels like a chore and there’s no enjoyment there. Hopefully you can find another direction in which to channel your creativity and we can get to see something new from you on here.

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