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I've added a new line to the shop!

(Leslie Morton) #1

Please take a moment to view the new items I’ve listed in my shop - Alcohol Inks on Tile. The beauty of this technique is that you never know exactly how your creation will turn out until it’s done. I love the randomness and freedom of this. I will be listing more as I go on.

(Margaret Jackson) #2

Oh I do like that! I’ve bought smaller alcohol ink tiles that sit on cute little easels from other artists before and they do look good.

(Iguana49) #3

Hi Leslie, that was my first visit to your shop, you do have some beautiful things, I love that panda assiette by the way!! The alcohol ink tiles are very attractive and I imagine they’re fun to make, I hope you list some more soon.

(Leslie Morton) #4

Thank you so much Iguana. It is nice to know when people like your creations.
I will be sure to list some more tiles and there will be more pique assiette soon. Your papercuts are gorgeous, by the way, Next time I need a card for someone I will be back.

(Karen Ellam) #5

Beautiful Leslie. I look forward to seeing some more pieces :smile:


(Leslie Morton) #6

Thanks Louisa. I may do some smaller ones that can be mounted - we shall see!

(Leslie Morton) #7

Thanks Karen. I hope to have some new ones listed soon!